Friday, September 11, 2009

And I'm back

We're home.  And I'm pooped. But on to the news . . .

The procedure went well.  Very good actually.  The Doc said the previous lasered areas looked great.  ( Um, is "lasered" a real word?  Well it is to me.)  No signs of scarring and the ampullectomy site healed nicely and no new polyp was growing back in that tricky area.  (that is very good news.) There were, however, a few baby* polyps starting in the duodenum.  But, have no fear he blasted them with his Argon Plasma Coagulator.  No, I'm not being funny. 

 So, the good docs recommendations.... come back for another scope in, get this THREE YEARS. YES THREE YEARS! HOLY FREAKING COW! THREE YEARS! (sorry for yelling)

Ok ready for some truth? I don't know how I feel about that 3 year thing though.  Part of me is excited.  Part of ( very big part is unsure). 3 Years is a long time.  In 6 months I already started growing new polyps, a lot can happen in 3 years.  Hm.

As for other things,  9.22 I have a local ( thank goodness) appointment with my colorectal for my yearly scoping of the j-pouch.  It is too early to see any polyp growth in the j-pouch ( should see those start growing for about another 4 years) but I still have a few cm of rectal tissue left, which can turn cancerous at any point and needs to be regularly monitored.  

Other non-FAP related things.  Its 9.11.  How can I bitch and moan, or even celebrate my good news?  Puts life into perspective for you.  

Tell your loved ones how much they mean to you.

*"few baby polyps" were the doctors words, not mine.  Seriously doc, could you not have quantified that for me?  How many is few? 2? 3? 4?! ANd baby?  is that 1mm?  2 mm?!  He will cc: me on a letter that he sends out to my local doctors which will have all the specifics.  I'l just have to wait a month or so for those details.  


Christina said...

I'm glad everything went well. I'd be like you though. Happy that it will be 3 years but still wondering if that is too long..

Anonymous said...

This is such good news, Steph! I am pleased. I can certainly understanding your concern over the 3 years issue. What a journey you and Scott have been on. My heart has been with you both each step of the way. Gracie-- she is beautiful. Every photo of her makes want to hug her! Love to you and Scott!

Aunt Kris

Keri said...

Glad to hear that you received good news!

Aunt Deb and Family said...

Steph. I heard the good news from Grandma yesterday and read it today. All I can say is......



Aunt Jay said...

That is fabulous news Steph. I am very excited for you .. and Scott. Grandma told me the news while at the lake for her birthday and said that was the best birthday news she could get .... I couldn't agree more!

Nathaniel said...

Congratulations on your recovery. Hope everything goes well for you and your family. If you have a chance check this out.

PLEASE visit ( and get registered to participate in Lee National Denim Day in the fight against breast cancer. Thank you!!!

Please share this with all of the women and loved ones you know.

Best of wishes


kristen said...

I'm way late on reading the news, but just wanted to say I'm glad to hear that things are sounding good! I'm always thinking of you, and so happy to see things looking up :) Take care, you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph,

I had my colon removed 11 years ago. Most of my complications have been from desmoid tumors.

Hope things continue to go well for you.

University of Iowa Meg said...

Looks like you haven't blogged in awhile! Hope you make a comeback soon! Miss you!! :)

colonless freak said...

Hi, I love your name Stolen Colon. I can really identify with it, as I too am colonless.

folfox said...

Steph, been a long time... how are you doing?

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph,

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dojuma said...

WOW i love the story