Friday, February 27, 2009

Mayo adventure II

Sorry for being MIA.  I have been debating the future of Stolen Colon.  But anyways, that is for another post.  On with the news.

Well a few days ago I hit my 6 month mark!  It has been 6 months (and a few days) since my first surgery.  And I am happy to report that all is great!  Things seem to be working good.  The j-pouch has gotten the hang of it's job, and I know which foods it likes and others that will cause it to protest.  Minus the fatigue and the new terrain on the abdomen, I am as good if not better then I was before!  As I get back back into working out, the fatigue will start to vanish and maybe some of the tummy of yesteryear will return.  

On other FAP related news, Monday we head out for another Mayo Clinic adventure.  Bright and early Tuesday morning (six freaking am!) I'll be having another (final?!) surgery to remove the polyps on my small intestines.  The surgery will be endoscopic, the camera and tools will be passed down my throat, through my stomach and into my small intestines.  The doc will attempt to remove the growths and scrape up as much tissue as he can without puncturing the bowel wall.  He will also check the edges of the area that he worked on last time.  He needs to make sure he got it all and the edges are clean.  

The hope is (and I'm feeling very confident) that we are still one step ahead of this disease and that the growths have not become cancerous.  Hopefully, this goes smoothly and he is able to fully remove these last two buggers.  And maybe I can get to go more then two months between surgeries!  

If everything goes as planned I will be released later that same day, but I'll have to agree to stay in a hotel nearby, just in case.  We should be heading back to Michigan by Thursday morning.

We decided not to drag the Grace Monkey along with us this time.  It is not fair to her to make her sit in a car for 9 hours and then have to stay in a hotel room all day and night.  She'll be getting a nice holiday at her previous foster mom's house.  They have 3 of their own boxers (even though one of those boxer is big enough to count for two!) 1 boston
 terrier and 2 foster dogs living with them.  It will be a full house with Gracie there, but I know she will get the best care and will be completely spoiled!  

And one other really exciting tidbit, last night Gracie passed her Good Canine Citizenship (CGC) exam!  One of the proctors said she was one of the youngest boxers he's seen pass the exam.  I am one very proud mama.  Click here to learn more about the exam and what it entailed.  Here are a couple photos of Gracie being well. . .Gracie.  Hard to imagine that this goof was able to settle down and be serious for an hour straight during the exam!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Commence the two week countdown

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day.  Mine consisted of pomegranate martinis (yeah we don't have any martini glasses.) and three layer chocolate mousse (the picture of them turned out unappetizing so I'll spare you.  Just picture three layers of chocolate mousse; white, dark and milk chocolate shaped as a heart)  So good.  I don't let j-pouch stop me from enjoying anything! (I had a little help from some lactaid and bentyl.) 

Well it is 2 weeks away from my 2nd and hopefully final Mayo visit.  I am really hoping that the doc is able to remove the last two polyps and that this is my last FAP related  procedure.  (A girl can hope can't she?!)  There is always a chance that I may never have another FAP issue.  My fingers are crossed that I have paid my dues.

The mayo visit in March is going to be a lot like the one at the end of December.  The doc plans to remove the two remaining polyps, while they are extremely large they are not near the bile ducts so they should be a bit simpler to remove.    My goal is to recover nicely from the procedure and not get my butt admitted for overnight surveillance again.  

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 Randoms

I know this is going around facebook.  But since I am currently boycotting facebook I thought I would post this here.  

25 random things about me. 
  1. I save one voicemail from each of my loved ones  Incase something were to happen to them, I'll have saved a piece of them.  
  2. I don't do math.  Math is like a foreign language to me.  I don't even know my basic tables.  I have to visualize a picture of each number (much like a side of a dice) and then I can do the equation. (I know the picture for 3 plus the picture 7 equals the picture for 10. Odd I know. I have no idea why my "pictures" just can't be the number itself.) 
  3. I believe that if I think the worse it won't happen.  For example, if a someone was calling me really late at night and I had no idea why they were calling I would think of the worse possible reason for their call (an accident or something) that way the worse won't happen. Only once has this not worked, when Koda died.  
  4. When one light has multiple switches to it, I like them to be in the proper position.  Down is off and up is on.  It bothers me when they get out of whack and one switch is up but the light is off.  
  5. I love milage!  I mile everywhere I go.  I love knowing that it is 1.3 miles from my house to the grocery store or 10.2 miles to my work.  
  6. Growing up I went to 11 different schools in 12 years (1st through 12th grade).  
  7. My brother is my BFF.  We are very close and always have been.  Probably due to the fact we moved around so much. 
  8. I went through a stint where I wanted to be a truck driver.  I'm not talking about when I was little either.  I'm talking about when I was in college.  I wanted to take a year or two and be a trucker.  Just me and my dog traveling across the country.  
  9. Other things I wanted to be when I grew up: a bulldozer driver (we always lived in new construction so I saw a lot of them), architect, interior designer, graphic designer (this one I really regret not pursuing) and a mom.  
  10. I  will only drive American.  I am completely dumbfounded that more people don't purchase more American made especially with the economy the way it is.  Yes it is more expensive but that extra dollar is going towards someone's pension or healthcare.
  11. If I could I would take a year (or a summer really) and follow DMB ( Dave Matthews Band) across the country.   
  12. I have a guitar, but I don't know how to play it, yet.  I did play the electric guitar for about 6 months while in Jr High.  I could only play pieces of "Paint It Black" and "Dust in the Wind". 

  13. I am superstitious, hence no # 13.  I also have to make a wish whenever a digital clock reads 11:11 and I commonly knock on wood (but only 3 raps, it has to be an odd amount of knocks).
  14. If I won the lotto I would open a dog rehabilitation and rescue center.  
  15. At one time or another I have had 7 piercing.  One in each ear, two more in the left ear, belly button twice and my tongue.  The tongue was only for a couple months during first semester freshman year (at college).  I think it was some strange independence thing.  (Sorry Dad.)
  16. I have  two tattoos.  And I may get another one day. 
  17. For a year, while Scott was going back to school, we lived in a "bad neighborhood"  (and I really mean bad.  My car was stolen, women were being mugged weekly and we lived across the hall from a bonafide crack addict.  It wasn't uncommon to see him just standing in the middle of the hallway drooling.) When Scott was out of town,  I would sleep with a butcher knife under my mattress.  I don't know what I thought I would do.  I mean did I really think  5 foot female holding a knife would scare an intruder away?  Especially while her mean pitbull looking dog was attempting to lick the skin off him?  (Koda wasn't a pittie, even though everyone in that apartment complex insisted she was.)
  18. If I could change one thing about myself it would be my singing voice.  
  19. I use to think God messed up on me.  I would tan (a lot) and bleach my hair.  I thought I was meant to have darker skin and blonde hair and I hated my dark freckles.  Then one day I realized that my coloring with dark hair, pale skin, light eyes and dark freckles is my heritage.  Now I rock my natural beauty.  
  20. I don't do forwards.  At all.  So all you who send them to me, feel free to keep sending them but know I do not send them on.  And so far my luck has pretty damn good if I do say so myself.  
  21. I taught myself to drive a stick shift.  End of freshmen year, Dad dropped off my manual Wrangler and said "Here ya go."  I learned by trial and error.  Oh that poor transmission. I was then able to teach my brother when no one else could.
  22. I don't know my left from my right.  I must of missed that day in preschool.  I have an hand trick to help me when I am telling someone directions.
  23. I also mix up my lower case b's and d's.  I have to do the "bed" trick.  (Make and ok gesture with both of your hands, left hand makes a b while the right makes the d) 
  24. I knew right away that Scott what the man I was going to marry.
  25. (Remember this is really #25,  there was no 13) Until 6 months ago I had never been sick (sicker then the flu), never even used my health insurance, never been in a hospital, and I only saw a doctor every couple of years.  Oh how the times have changed.    
I hope you all don't think I am too odd now.  But if you do, oh well then.  

Friday, February 6, 2009

Dumpster Diving

For a limited time only here is the picture of the new haircut.  I'd guess about 6 inches got cut off.  This picture gives the cut no justice, but it is the best I can do.  I tried with my camera in front of the mirror but after a frustrating 10 minutes I gave up. It is a lot harder then I thought getting a good picture of yourself in a mirror.  When I would finally get everything lined up right I would forget to smile.  

File this next bunch under "life with a j-pouch".  And warning it may be TMI for some.  

The j-pouch can be a bit unpredictable, especially at night while in a deep sleep.  Unfortunately I have to wear "protection" at night (No weirdo! Not that kind of protection, this kind. Which BTW are so much better then depends.) .  Yeah it sucks and it is so not sexy but that, my friends, is how it is.  Well, last night the lovely j-pouch decided to surprise me, and lets just say I was happy I was wearing protection when I awoke this morning.  I guess that is what I get for eating Mickey D's for dinner.  

Anyone who has a dog might know where this story is heading. . .  Well after I cleaned up I guess I didn't shut the bathroom door all the way.  Either that or Gracie has learned a way to open doors, which really wouldn't surprise me.  When that girl has her mind set to mischief nothing stops her.   It was oddly quiet in the house (another sign someone is up to no good), so off I went to find the little demon.  And there she was, trash everywhere and of course she found the messiest nastiest articles to shred into a million little pieces all over my beige bedroom carpet.  After I was able to compose myself and stop the dry heaving I cleaned up the mess.   Thank God for the SpotBot (best $140 I have ever spent!  FYI, a must have for anyone with a puppy.) After some elbow grease, a dog bath and a very long hot shower for myself everything is as good as new.  Well kinda.  

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gracie goes to camp

After a full day at the new job I came home to a very rambunkous puppy.  And that was after multiple potty breaks and a few play sessions.  Scott worked from home for part of the day.  I can't imagine how hyper she would be after a full day home alone, so today I looked in to doggie daycare.  We went for our "interview" and trail day at Doggie Day Camp this morning.  She aced her interview within minutes!  (Basically they were just checking to see if she was dog friendly and had some doggie manners)  You can check her out on the web cam if you want.  She'll be there till 4 today and till 6 tomorrow and Thursday (last time I looked she was in indoor camp 3).

Minus coming home to an overly hyper puppy, my 1st day on the job was great!   Charlie was an angel and we spent the day getting to know each other.  If there was ever any doubt about going back to work for only part time there isn't now.  I was wiped out yesterday!  And pathetically my arms are a bit sore today.  Now that is embarrassing.  I guess after not doing much for six months any strength I might have had went straight out the window.  

* I'll add a pic of the new hair as soon as I have a good one.  It is remarkably hard to take a decent photo of yourself.