Thursday, June 18, 2009

My name is zoom and I live on the moon. . . *

My first birthday! Man I was excited. I was pretty much this excited when I  woke up this morning too.  That was until both of the animals pounced on me and I had to quick duck for cover to avoid being wiggled and boxed to death.  You have to love my ginormous bald baby head in this picture. 
Second birthday! Now those are some healthy tree trunks, er,  legs!  ( still have not had my 1st hair cut yet) (oh and I still have those healthy legs!  yes Pup healthy!)
Third birthday at McDs!  I look so innocent!  (Note: Mom claims that I still had not had my 1st hair cut yet. )

Last night we went out to dinner at Bistro Bella Vita.  Wonderful restaurant in downtown Grand Rapids that specializes in all local food.   I will, however, be paying for my indulgences today.   I choose to order whatever I wanted last night.  So what if I knew it would make the j-pouch scream out in pain or react in protest?  I didn't care if I  had to pay the price today or not!  It was my 3oth damn-it!  

Since the food  was so good I'll let you know, First up, cocktails! I had a pomegranate martini! For an appetizer we ordered the wild mushroom and goat cheese on flatbread.  (Honestly, probably my favorite dish from the evening! And probably what I'll be paying the most for! Darn flat bread.) Main course I had the Paella.  So, good!  (Oh wait I just remembered I brought home leftovers, oh and now I just remembered I already ate all the good stuff out of the left overs!)  With the paella my waitress paired me a nice glass of white wine.  I have no idea what kind.  I'm not a big fan of white, so she did the pairing.  I wish all restaurants could do that for you.  And the dessert!  Lemon cheesecake on a pine nut crust.  Yeah I am happily paying the price today.  Completely and utterly worth it.  

*WTF is up with the title right?  Well when I was about 6 maybe, my Aunt Nancy bought my brother and I these tapes with this birthday song on it.  Every single year since then, ANdy and I have sang this song for each other.  Sorry, Scott says it is one of our odd sibling quirks. 

"My name is Zoom 
And I live on the moon 
But I came down to earth 
Just to sing you this tune
It's your birthday today! 

A present for you
I wanted to find
An outerspace creature
A one of a kind! 
A wild whop or a kukelchoo,
An apple drop or a buzzardstew
Or maybe a 3-eyed tickleshay
For your birthday"


Keri said...

Great pictures, great dinner, and great birthday song! Have a GREAT birthday!

Aunt Jay said...

Happy Birthday Steph. You celebrate like your Uncle Jeff, only he thinks it should last the ENTIRE MONTH. Congratulations on turning 30 and officially entering adulthood! It is really not a bad place ... Welcome. Love ya - Aunt Jay

Aunt Jay said...

Forgot to tell you I love your hair cut!!

Maribeth said...

Whooo hooo!!1 Happy Birthday. I am glad you had a wonderful birthday. Way to celebrate.

Heather said...

I found your blog searching pouchogram on google.

I have that same birthday song! My brother and I both got the flimsy 45 record. I played it hundreds of times on my Winnie the Pooh record player, which I also still have. Great memories! I didn't know it later came out on cassette.

Happy belated birthday.

Aunt Deb and Family said...

Anxious for a update. I haven't heard anything in a long time. I hope that means things are good and calm right now for you.
Love ya,
Aunt Deb

dojuma said...

Great pictures.