Tuesday, August 23, 2016

It's all good

It is ALL GOOD NEWS.  At this point in my progression of the disease I do not need a chemopreventative. Everything can be managed by yearly scoping.

Everything went great at MD Anderson.  I LOVED (like really loved) the doctor.  It was so nice to be seen by someone who not only knows his shit but also talks to you like an educated person.  It was fun nerding out and discussing research and clinical trials.  (I was, however, unimpressed by the hospital itself.)

Between the cold forceps and argon plasma coagulator, most (all?) of my polyps were removed.  We are awaiting biopsy results of some, but there is no reason to think the worse.  As for the j-pouch, there were a lot of polyps BUT he doesn't think they are all adenomas (the pre-maliganat bad guys). He wasn't sure what they were so we are awaiting those biopsies also.

Oh yeah, on the last post I did bad math.  It's been 8 years not 9! Glad to know I can count.


aunt colleen said...

It's all good. Most or all polyps GONE. good. Bless you two as you shift back to those two wonderful boys. (So happy you feel comfortable with your doctor) XOXO

Alex Houser said...

Hi there! I am fairly new at this. But, I was diagnosed January of this year with FAP. I had a total colectomy and resection February 2nd of this year and I still have so many questions. Do you have a contact email?

Steph said...

HI Alex! Sure. You can email me any questions at smhayes1 at gmail dot com Obviously just change the "at" and the "dot".

Caroline said...

Oh my gosh. This is my first time on this blog and I have loved reading it. I am so sorry for the FAP, I have had to google it through. Have never heard of this. Steph you are such a strong lady.I feel so encouraged this afternoon.