Sunday, April 5, 2009

I guess it was bound to happen

At least it was just me and Scott.  I should have known better.  Last night, in celebratory form I made baked bananas with an orange caramel sauce all over vanilla ice cream.  I ended up paying for that through out most of the night.  But hey my Spartans won, I deemed it worth it.  Then this morning I had a delicious italian frittata.  So good.  And to top it all off we were having a leisurely Sunday drive while drinking a grande coffee.   I guess that was 3 strikes against me.  

My poor husband, the things I subject him too.  Thank God, it was him with me.  Could of been worse.  It could of happened while out in a crowd or in yoga.  Oh the things I'm thankful for.  


Kristen said...

Oh Steph.... you have such an incredible attitude. My eyes teared up when I read this, just knowing the things you are still dealing with. My prayers are always with you. And your husband <3

Lisa said...

I had that happen to me twice, once in my sleep. Not fun and right before my one year check up too.