Sunday, April 26, 2009


Dear Meteorologist,
You predicted mid 70's with a 30% chance of rain showers in the evening. Could you possibly have been anymore wrong? (Well yeah, I guess if it would have snowed, which at times I thought it might, then you definitely would have been more wrong.) It was in the 30's and it never stopped raining, for two days. Not just a little rain either; we’re talking sheets of rain. I know that weather prediction isn't a 100% accurate or anything. But seriously, you didn’t even come close. Maybe you can work on your accuracy for the summer season.
Stolen Colon  

Even with the craptastic weather, our weekend was good. It was definitely eventful, but good nonetheless.  More on that later.  


Chitown Meg said...

Glad to hear you had a good weekend despite the weather! Thinking of you!

Ed said...

I find that time away from the infernal continuous contact with the world that we call "living" these days is time well-spent. Even if the weather is less-than-hoped-for... Thanks for that reminder.

Anonymous said...

wish I'd sent you an on-the-spot notice from Higgins Lake that our weather was terrible the day you left and that "dear meteorologist" has been WRONG about 2/3 of the time recently for this area. only thing he's been right about is "snow and cold" every day since Thanksgiving. hope you had a fireplace, lots of wood and a bunch of Grey Goose or Tito's. lived here 63 years and this was the 2nd worst winter we remember. continue your great progress and remarkable attitude.