Sunday, February 8, 2009

Welcome to the World Baby Cy

So very small.  

Your big sister loves you very much Cy.  
The beautiful family.  I love you.  


Christina said...


Amanda said...

Your pictures are great! I'm jealous, he opened his eyes for you! We just got back from visiting them -- Cy is so precious. And of course, Nia was as cute as ever!

kristen said...

Beautiful! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

First, I love the hair. Mine is cut similiar to yours right now. I def think we need to invest in the spot cleaner thingey...between the puppy and the cats our house is a mess! The baby is soooo freaking cute. Whose baby is it?? And Nia is beautiful. Are you going to be going to Florida at all this spring?? I am going down in April...maybe you could fly down too! Miss you and love you!

ps. tomorrow Brian finally starts work again so it will be Nellie's first day ever alone! UGG


Maribeth said...

What a cute baby! Baby Cy is lucky to have an aunt like you.

jessica said...

You take Amazing Pictures!
I love you! And Nia and Cy love you too.