Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gracie goes to camp

After a full day at the new job I came home to a very rambunkous puppy.  And that was after multiple potty breaks and a few play sessions.  Scott worked from home for part of the day.  I can't imagine how hyper she would be after a full day home alone, so today I looked in to doggie daycare.  We went for our "interview" and trail day at Doggie Day Camp this morning.  She aced her interview within minutes!  (Basically they were just checking to see if she was dog friendly and had some doggie manners)  You can check her out on the web cam if you want.  She'll be there till 4 today and till 6 tomorrow and Thursday (last time I looked she was in indoor camp 3).

Minus coming home to an overly hyper puppy, my 1st day on the job was great!   Charlie was an angel and we spent the day getting to know each other.  If there was ever any doubt about going back to work for only part time there isn't now.  I was wiped out yesterday!  And pathetically my arms are a bit sore today.  Now that is embarrassing.  I guess after not doing much for six months any strength I might have had went straight out the window.  

* I'll add a pic of the new hair as soon as I have a good one.  It is remarkably hard to take a decent photo of yourself.  


Em said...

I knew you would be wiped out!! He is a lot of work, but I feel confident that you guys are going to work great together :o)

Paula said...

OMG - this place is nicier than some childrens daycares I've seen. Gracie is a lucky doggie. I say we save up and buy our own franchise....
waiting for the hair pictures!
Aunt Paula

Christina said...

Sore arm! LOL!