Friday, February 6, 2009

Dumpster Diving

For a limited time only here is the picture of the new haircut.  I'd guess about 6 inches got cut off.  This picture gives the cut no justice, but it is the best I can do.  I tried with my camera in front of the mirror but after a frustrating 10 minutes I gave up. It is a lot harder then I thought getting a good picture of yourself in a mirror.  When I would finally get everything lined up right I would forget to smile.  

File this next bunch under "life with a j-pouch".  And warning it may be TMI for some.  

The j-pouch can be a bit unpredictable, especially at night while in a deep sleep.  Unfortunately I have to wear "protection" at night (No weirdo! Not that kind of protection, this kind. Which BTW are so much better then depends.) .  Yeah it sucks and it is so not sexy but that, my friends, is how it is.  Well, last night the lovely j-pouch decided to surprise me, and lets just say I was happy I was wearing protection when I awoke this morning.  I guess that is what I get for eating Mickey D's for dinner.  

Anyone who has a dog might know where this story is heading. . .  Well after I cleaned up I guess I didn't shut the bathroom door all the way.  Either that or Gracie has learned a way to open doors, which really wouldn't surprise me.  When that girl has her mind set to mischief nothing stops her.   It was oddly quiet in the house (another sign someone is up to no good), so off I went to find the little demon.  And there she was, trash everywhere and of course she found the messiest nastiest articles to shred into a million little pieces all over my beige bedroom carpet.  After I was able to compose myself and stop the dry heaving I cleaned up the mess.   Thank God for the SpotBot (best $140 I have ever spent!  FYI, a must have for anyone with a puppy.) After some elbow grease, a dog bath and a very long hot shower for myself everything is as good as new.  Well kinda.  


Paula said...

Great hair cut! When I opened your blogged I thought for a second I was looking at myself 15 years ago. I think we look alike.

Thanks for the tip on the SpotBot -you need one of these for adult dogs as well. Just the other night Peanut vomited all over the carpet after the Steelers won the Super Bowl because we were jumping on the couch and I really could have used a SpotBot!

I am now saving for a Dyson vacume for Boomers dog hair.

Aunt Paula

Em said...

I love the hair, but you know this :o)

And I have all of these pads in my closet upstairs. I have been wondering what to do with them. Well, they now have a new owner!! And we need to talk "cloth" protection. I think you might be interested.

And thank you so much for taking care of Cmonkey this week. He wanted me to say that he missed you today!! :o) If you have any pictures of him that you took while you were here, send them my way!!

Heather said...

love the hair!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can beat your TMI...I'm a J-poucher and wear Kotex Lightday Pantiliner all the time and I'm a Man. My wife finally talked me into it about 5 years ago it helps a lot. Much easier to change a pad than to change underwear in a public restroom.
Very entertaining blog, well written! Best wishes! cw