Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Commence the two week countdown

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day.  Mine consisted of pomegranate martinis (yeah we don't have any martini glasses.) and three layer chocolate mousse (the picture of them turned out unappetizing so I'll spare you.  Just picture three layers of chocolate mousse; white, dark and milk chocolate shaped as a heart)  So good.  I don't let j-pouch stop me from enjoying anything! (I had a little help from some lactaid and bentyl.) 

Well it is 2 weeks away from my 2nd and hopefully final Mayo visit.  I am really hoping that the doc is able to remove the last two polyps and that this is my last FAP related  procedure.  (A girl can hope can't she?!)  There is always a chance that I may never have another FAP issue.  My fingers are crossed that I have paid my dues.

The mayo visit in March is going to be a lot like the one at the end of December.  The doc plans to remove the two remaining polyps, while they are extremely large they are not near the bile ducts so they should be a bit simpler to remove.    My goal is to recover nicely from the procedure and not get my butt admitted for overnight surveillance again.  


Anonymous said...

I like the infomercials in the middle of your blogs. Good luck at the Mayo. I recognize the location of the Mojito on the table. Nice eh.

luv you

uncle jeff

Craig said...

Looking for some nifty martini glasses, try the Lolita collection. Jay and Cindy love theirs!!
Probably can be found at your local liquor or wine shop or online.