Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Not budging

I had my appointment with Dr. Kim to remove my JP drain.  Unfortunately Dr Kim couldn't get it to budge either.  He gave it a few tugs and agreed that it wasn't moving.  So, tomorrow I go in to the hospital.  The plan it to knock me out and open me up and see what the drain is caught on.  Dr. Kim and my nurse/mother-in-law believe it accidentally got caught in some of my abdominal stitches.  Hopefully that is all it is.  It should be quick and simple procedure with me coming home later that same day.  

Off topic, but still important to me.  If anyone has any spare prayers or good thoughts, my cousin Cody could use them.  He is currently in the hospital.  He had a procedure done and it ended up getting infected, he'll probably be hospitalized for quite awhile now.  Aunt Cindy and Uncle Doug if you read this you all are in my heart!!  

It is unfortunate but medicine is an imperfect science.  


Paula said...

Oh Steph - my heart goes out to you. My co-workers have been following your blog and they can't believe what a strong women you are. Hopefully tomorrow will be quick and easy and pain free. After what you have been through already this should be a piece of cake. Just think, more serious things could have gone wrong - easy for me to say though. Sorry to hear about Cody, I will add Cody, Cindy and Doug to the prayer list. Take Care and love ya,
Aunt Paula

Maribeth said...

Sorry there is one more thing you have to go through. Hope tomorrow goes by quickly.

UC Girl said...

I hope you are better soon!

Anonymous said...

Dear Steph,

We're all thinking good thoughts, and our prayers are with you.


Aunt Millie and family