Tuesday, July 8, 2008

T minus 14 days

Why are insurance companies such a pain to deal with?  After being on hold for an hour, I finally get a live person to talk to.  And this live person's answer to my question is "to look at on their web page, I should be able to find all my answers there".   Hello?!  I didn't just wait an hour for someone to tell me to look on the internet, thanks.  
I have also started looking into a specialist to deal with the polyps in my duodenum.  I contacted a "Cancer Center" here in Grand Rapids.  Well, after being transfered to four different people, I finally get a young lady who thinks she can help me.  First, I ask if she is familar with FAP.  Which she responds that she is.  Then, I explain that I am having a total colocetomy, but I am looking for a specialist to help with the poylps in my doudenum (actually I don't even say duodenum, I say upper small intestines).  She responds with "Oh let me transfer you to urology"  Ha!  I told her at this point I'm not having any problems in that area, and I thanked her for her time.  I considered explaining to her that the small intestines has nothing to do with the urinary tract, but decided not to waste any more of my time. That's what I get for trying to find something a little closer to home.  It is looking like Cleveland Clinic is the best and closest place for this.  


Anonymous said...

Hey Steph,
I am glad you had a good time at the lake. I know you are feeling scared but that is just normal,for godsakes I am scared when I have to get a shot at the dr! Big baby here! Anyway, in regards to not being used to help, you need to understand that we are all (meaning everyone really!) here to support you whether it is physically, emotionally or spiritually or any lly! If you want me or anyone to be there physically just ask! Yeah, we have things going on, but you are family and you come above all those other things. I need to give you a call to chat...i am in the midst of a wonderfully stressful grad class right now...but whatever...I love you and miss you and know that you will be a stronger person after these shennigans are all said and done. Love, Jessi

Keri said...

I don't remember if I've already told you this or not, but my uncle recently had back surgery at Cleveland Clinic. Granted, its a completely different department, but he had nothing but wonderful things to say about the knowledge of the doctors and the care he received there.

By the way, you're pictures make me want to invest in a cottage on Higgins Lake!

Christina said...

how frustrating!!!!

Kristen said...

How frustrating! I hope you find someone with some better answers. You're in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

Dear Steph,
I wish there was something I could do to help you through all this madness. There is nothing worse than sitting on hold forever and then being transferred to someone else. I wish I could at least make the phone calls for you or something! On another note, I'm glad that you enjoyed your time at the lake - next summer for sure we need to meet up again and Jet Ski with the police chasing us in their speed boat.(If your dad let's us visit again). Hang in there, we are all thinking about you and praying for you.
Love, Aunt Paula