Thursday, July 24, 2008

Steph's BIG day

Steph had a BIG day today. She saw 3 Doctors, 3 or 4 nurses, 2 PCA's, a Pharmacist, a nutritionist, a Stoma Nurse, a Massage therapist, and a spiritual advisor. Wew that wore me out. Any way she took a really good walk around the halls, which is a great thing. We have her surgical pain down to a 6 out of 10 which is great, but we are still battling the head aches.

Steph also shifted from the IV pain meds to the oral meds; percocet, Ibuprefen, and Dilaudid. The Orals are working better because they last longer than the IV meds. This is helping steph's lucidity, and coherentness, and she is defiantly more alert today than yesterday.

Steph did eat twice today: Cream of Wheat this morning, and a Banana smoothie for lunch/dinner. She seems to be getting a bit of an appetite back.

In other news the Ostemy is working well and she is learning to use it. Everything is plugging along according to schedule. We are very proud of her, She may be the strongest person I know.

The best part of Steph's day was going up to the 5th floor of the Hospital. The 5th floor is the Healing garden. It has a Labyrinth, a Tropical Garden, and a beautifully outdoor seating area. What a great View. Steph spent a good 45 minutes there soaking in serenity.

Currently Steph is paying the price for so much action. She is extremely tired and sore. I hope that she gets some sleep tonight, as she has not slept good for 2 days. We probably over did it today. Tomorrow we will not.


Aunt Deb and Family said...

Yeah Steph, Keep going, you're on the right path. I am so glad to hear that you are up and moving. You will be sooo much better when you can stop taking the pain meds. I don't understand how people can get addicted to them. I hate the way I feel on pain meds.
Thanks again Scott for the updates. I will be watching for the next one. XO Aunt Deb

Christina said...

What great news. Tell her to get some rest!!

Paula said...

Glad to hear the plumbing is working! The healing center looks like a wonderful place. I agree with you that Steph is "the strongest person I know". She's an inspiration for all of us.
Thanks for posting Scott - and oh yea - stop looking at the blog responses!!
Love, Aunt Paula

Keri said...

Sounds like she's doing awesome considering what her body has been through! So glad to hear it.

Maribeth said...

Glad to see another update and that she is doing well. You will have to watch out for her, make sure she doesn't over do it. Make sure both of you get some rest.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Nice job Scott for filling in for Steph. However,,,she may be the strongest person I know...she definately is the strongest person I know!! So happy to hear how well she is progressing. Just stay by her side and keep things on track. love you both
Aunt Donna

Heather said...

Thanks for the update - Steph keep up the good work!!! Glad to hear that you were able to enjoy the garden for awhile.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping the blog going Scott. Our love and pride for Steph is stronger than ever.

Pup & Mimi

Anonymous said...

Stephanie and Scott,
We're so relieved that Steph is up and moving and has some good pain killers going. Now get some much needed rest and recover quick. We love you all.
love, Pam Randy Jess Nicole Mark and Christine