Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bad wifey

Sometimes I feel bad for Scott,  for getting stuck with a defective wife.  For example, last weekend we had tickets to the State game and we knew of a cool tailgate.  But, my abdominal cramping kept us from going.  Then today we had to cut our walk short, again because of my pain. Also it looks like my medical bullshit will eat up all of his time off again next year. Hey honey, how about for a vacation we go to Rochester, Mn and spend all day in a doctors office? Sounds like fun.   I feel bad.  He doesn't deserve this.  

Speaking of Minnesota,  Mayo Clinic now has my file and we are waiting for a call back to schedule an appointment.  I'm not holding my breath.  I know the next available date the doctor has open isn't until Christmas.  So in the meantime, I am trying not to dwell in the "what ifs".  Easier said then done.

Puppy kindergarden was a blast last night.  And Gracie was the cutest one there.  Yeah I'm not biased or anything.  


Mandy said...

Oh Steph, I really don't think Scott would think that at all! It's not like you asked for this to happen to you. Once this is all overwith you two can take a real vacation!

By the way, my niece has been going to Mayo's since she was born and they have don't things for her that all others thought impossible. Have faith and stay positive! I know, easier said than done. I'm just in awe of what they (MAYO) have given my niece!!

And, holy cow what are you feeding that puppy!?! She's getting huge!!!!

Paula said...

Hey Steph, Now stop that! Scott would take you anyway you are and your not defective, you are just having some issues that are taking longer than expected to fix. I know its rough but be glad you have him by your side. I'll keep praying for you and Scott to get you through this and you guys are going to take one hell of a vacation when it is all over - how about Jamaica - you'll have a wicked time there!!

Gracie is really cute - she has a mischevious look about her though!!
Love Aunt Paula

Shana said...

Steph I know things are rough but Scott loves you no matter how "defective" you think you are. He did after all take you for better or worse. This is just a bump in the road. I'm sure he looks at you every day and is just happy to have you there with him. It's funny how guys work. The rougher it is the more they seem to love us.

MAYO is an amazing place. I know a few people who have gone there for a variety of issues and just LOVE the people there. Not to mention their lives were so much better after seeking treatment there. I'm excited you'll be getting such great care.

Gracie is so adorable. I'm willing to bet she really is the cutest puppy in class.

Aunt Teri said...

Hey Steph, you never know but someday (when your old and grey)you may be taking care of Scott...and he will probably drool!...(sorry Scott)smile. I am sure this is tough for both of you but you are lucky to have each other. It would be tough to be alone. Mayo Clinic is a great place. Are prayers and thoughts are with you every day! Love, Aunt Teri

Anonymous said...

Stephers...STOP!!! Scott is one of the luckiest men on the planet for having a wife like you! You are such a wonderful person and that has just become even more apparent in the past few months. You really do amaze me with your strength and I know you keep hearing that, but it is true. Keep your head up and just play with that puppy! I know Nellie (my pup) can make me smile, even when the world seems like a mean place! I love you and cant wait until our puppies can have a play date! Love, Jess

Keri said...

Oh, I'm sure Gracie was the cutest puppy in the class! How could she not be with that face?

Aunt Jay said...

Concentrate on the adorable faces of both Gracie and Scott ... they both love ya and need ya!!
Aunt Jay