Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's official, like referee with whistle. Preach*

Well I got the call and it's off to Mayo I go!  Monday, December 22nd is the consult and then Tuesday the 23rd is the procedure.  Yahoo!  What a relief to have an actual date in writing.  And maybe just maybe I'll be able to be somewhere else for Christmas (like I dunno maybe somewhere a bit warmer. . . Florida?**).  I think I'll have to get the all clear from the doc to travel that far right after the procedure (I believe there are some bleeding risks) and Scott's job will have to cooperate too  (now that is going to be the really difficult part).   But who knows hope has now been restored in the Stolen Colon house!  

*I can't take any credit for todays title.  Credit belongs to the Snoop d o double g, as he left it on someone's voicemail.  
** for non family readers, my parents live in Fl, hence the draw to be there for the holidays beside the warmer weather.  


Paula said...

OMG! Yahoo! Soooo glad it is this year and that it is not on Christmas Eve. Hope you get to Florida.
Love Ya, Aunt Paula & Mimi (Mimi is having computer issues!)

Mandy said...

Im hoping you get to go to FL!! We just got back from Disney on Sunday and it was upper 80's almost all week!! I'm sure it would do you wonders.

Maribeth said...

Glad you have a date. I didn't realize it would be only a short stay. Good!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph - so glad to hear things are scheduled for you! Hopefully there is a chance of you & Scott making it to Florida - I was there for work last week, and the palm trees, humidty, and 85 degree weather just put an instant smile on my face! I guess it will be too soon for mojitos in South Beach...I am game as soon as you are ready!! Not sure if I want to drive this time though .... :)
Jesse - I think you owe us a trip as the driver ;)
Love ya!

Christina said...

I'm glad you have a date! I love your recent hip hop references :-)

Walter said...

Hi Stephanie,

I don't know if you remember me or not. Thats not important. I'm a friend of the family and attended SIU with your uncle Jeff. I asked him how you were doing the other day and he introduced me to your blog. Count me as another person who's thoughts and prayer's are with you. I feel a little like Doc Hollywood reading the letters in the clinic. "What about Grace and the Pakistani" How is Cody doing? Stay Positive, Walt Konecki

Aunt Teri said...

Hi Steph, don't you love it that Wally blogged that the term?? Anyway wish we could be with you but you know our thoughts and prayers always are. Yeah we are glad you have a date. Stay srong. Love, Aunt Teri