Thursday, November 13, 2008


Struggling with what to get someone this holiday season?  Why not the 2009 Colondar?  This calendar features 13 incredible individuals, all survivors of colorectal cancer and all diagnosed under the stereotypical age of 50.  Check out Mr February, Jon is a fellow FAP'er.  And while you are at it check out last years hot Miss August, Becca, another Fap'er.  


paula said...

Hey Steph, I actually came across this colondar a few months ago when I just kept clicking on links I think it was Becca's link that led me there. There are some quite awesome people in that colondar. I think you should be part of the 2010 edition - maybe they will let Gracie pose with you! Love ya, Aunt Paula

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph!
How strange....I was also following your links last night and came across this website. I read a lot about Becca's story. Hope you get the news you're waiting for soon.

Cousin Mandy (since there seem to be a few Mandys)

BellyLuv0SoFine said...

Hey Steph, I really enjoy your blog. Your diva puppy is very precious. My daughter happened upon a Colondar party this summer and met Becca. I wrote about it
here. I burst into tears when she (my daughter) brought the calendar home to me.

Your writing is funny and inspiring. Thank you so much.
Hugs, Carmen

Jon Olis said...

Hey Steph,

Thanks for the plug. Mr. February here. All you FAP'ers out there just know that this disease does not have to slow you down. I'm on my way to climbing over 200,000 feet on my mountain bike this year. This Saturday I will be in the 3rd race of a 3 race series called the 12 Hours of Temecula, a 12 hour mountain bike race and my 4 man team is in a good spot to win the season. FAP is NOT slowing me down. Don't let it get a hold of you and slow you down either.

Take care all,