Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nothing to report

Nothing really new and exciting to report from the Stolen Colon household.  We are still waiting for the official date from Mayo Clinic.  Right now they are trying to arrange a date where not only does the doc has two back to back slots open (one for the consult and one for the procedure)  but anesthesiology is also free.   The plan is for the doc to sedate me and exam the duodenum via endoscope (camera down my throat).  At that point he will be able to determine if these polyps can be removed endoscopically and if so he will attempt to remove them.  That is really all I know,  hence the point of the consult before hand.  Last time I talked to one of his secretaries it looked like this was either going to happen December 24th or mid January.  I don't know which is better.  The 24th would at least fall under this year's deductible, but heck it it's Christmas Eve!  Not exactly where I wanted to spend the holiday, but if it means these polyps can get taken care of then I am all for it!  I wonder if Santa will be able to find me in Minnesota? 


Keri said...

When I was little, I lost a tooth while on a family vacation in Florida. I was extremely worried that the Tooth Fairy wouldn't be able to find me in Florida. But lo and behold she did find me. So if the Tooth Fairy can find me in Florida, I think Santa can find you in Minnesota if necessary. ;-)

Mandy said...

You crack me up Steph!! My kids are worried too, since we moved "way far away" (in their words) if Santa knows where we live now. As I've told them, Santa knows all, hears all and sees all! But you have to be a good little girl! lol

Kristen said...

Hey, I'll be in Minnesota too, if you want some company :)