Wednesday, June 18, 2008

29 and Holding

29 nine years ago today (or is it 30? depends on how you count). . .  Today is the first of many 29th birthdays.  I have always claimed that I don't feel my age, but now that I have a condition that normally only happens to 60 years olds, I think I am going to have to change that saying. 
But for some fun, tonight my parents, Scott and I are going to see Jack Johnson.  Should be a good time had by all.     


Heather said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have fun celebrating!

Keri said...

Happy birthday, Steph!

Christina said...

Happy birthday!!!~

Teri said...

Hey Steph Happy birthday! We love and are thinking about you every minute. You are one stong kid...hang in there! Thanks for posting this blog, it helps all of us who wish we were there with you. Hugs-

keith said...


you are a true inspiration to the world and myself, to have the courage and the love for others like you do is amazing. The way you are willing to help others to understand your condition while you yourself are just now learning about it, makes me proud to say that you are a member of my family. I love you and I will be here every step of the way, with anything you and scott need.

Anonymous said...

Happy 29th birthday...I'm right behind ya!!! Hope you had a fantastic time at the concert!

Love Mandy

Anonymous said...

So happy I got to wish you a happy birthday great to hear your voice!! This is the first time I've been on a "blog" and am I impressed!! Where did you get that sense of humor...."Stolen Colon"??? Hang in there and I'll be checking in regularly. We all love and admire your courage.
Aunt Donna

Anonymous said...

stephh !!!!

HAPPPY BIRTHDAY !! i miss you and hope you have an awesome'll have to tell me how jack johnson jealous. but your the strongest person i know and i love you !

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Steph! I love your blog..very inspiring and I feel much more in the loop and connected. Love you Lots!


Eric said...

We are thinking about you and wish you the best of luck. I am sure everything will be ok in the end! Keep your chin up.

Erin said...

Steph ~

Happy (Belated) Birthday! The courage you have in facing this disease and upcoming surgeries head on and with this blog is an inspiration. Aunt Teri is right - you are one strong woman. We all love you very much.

Love - Erin, Lianna & Kiley