Friday, June 20, 2008

3rd times a charm

Just got back from the endoscopic ultrasound.  Warning, sedation has not worn off yet.  
Basically there is one main polyp that they are concerned about.  It is bigger in size and near the bile duct.  Unfortunately it is flat so it definitely unable to be removed endoscopically.  There were other polyps in there, but they were very small.  At this point we believe the plan is continue to monitor the small ones with regular endoscopes.  If they begin to change, then later they will have to come out also.  The larger polyp near the bile duct is the one they want to remove surgically.  It could cause more problems if it continues to grow over the bile duct.  Other than all that we really won't know much more until after our visits to the surgeons next week.
The good news is that none of the polyps were growing into the walls of my duodenum or other surrounding organs (stomach, lymph, pancreas).  So, for the first time since this whole shin-dig started we received some positive new.  Once the duodenum polyps start to grow out in the other areas the treatment is MUCH more dramatic.  So in honor of getting good news I added a cottage sunset pic.  
OK, must go lie down now. It was actually very difficult to form words into sentences!


Keri said...

What a relief it must be to finally get some good news after all of your appointments and tests these last weeks!

May I ask what lake your cottage is on? It looks gorgeous!

aunt colleen said...

Continue to surround yourself with beautiful things and peaceful thoughts...I have always been in awe of your beauty, and you are showing the most remarkable inner beauty in the face of your adversity. We love you

Anonymous said...


So happy to hear some good news! The thoughts and prayers must be working!

Love ya,

Christina said...

yay!! Good news!! How did you like that demerol? All I can say is after having that, i realized why people can become addicted to drugs. I am such a high strung person that when you put something like that in me, I get otally relaxed which is so on the opposite end of the spectrum for me!

Aunt Deb and Family said...

Steph, I have learned so much from your blog and the attachments. I maybe cant pronounce the words right but I have the knowledge about it. Also, Whoo hoo!!!! Good news! This might be a hard journey but there is more good news to come, I am sure of that. I liked your comment about your team of Dr. You also have a team here in Davenport, Ia. Team Duntemans! We are rooting for you! Love ya, Aunt Deb

Anonymous said...

I am "floored" by your amazing strength and courage. I also never realize what a great writer you are. Maybe when this is all behind you, you should be a journalist - you've got talent girlfriend. You are in my prayers and thoughts daily. Also when this is all behind you lets reunite in Jamaica and have a "wicked time"! Maybe I'll bring Andy this time and you and he can race jet ski's and have the Jamaican police chase you down!

Love Aunt Paula

Aunt Jay said...

Keep up the positive attitude Steph, I beleive that is truly helpful. As your Aunt Colleen said keep those "peaceful thoughts" and know that you are surround by family and friends who love you much! Congratulations on the latest good news - we will be watching for many more!
Love ya, Aunt Jay

Maribeth said...

Glad you received some good news out of all this.

It looks like you also have a close and very supportive family behind you during this journey. That is great!

Steph said...

Thanks Keri! The cottage is on Higgins Lake.

Steph said...

Christina, about the demerol. . . well I don't remember much. :)