Friday, August 8, 2008

Low Down

I have talked to my surgeon's nurse a handful of times already this morning.  The consensus is that there is no abscess and all of my lab work came back in the normal range.  While it is good that nothing horrible is causing everything it is a bit frustrating not having an answer.  It is not a good feeling to have stumped a doc who has performed thousands of these surgeries.  The game plan is that I am to keep a close eye on myself and if anything changes to call.  The doctor has called in another script for Vicodan and an anti-nausea med.  They told me to quick trying to be a hero and take the vicodan as prescribed (due to my fear of becoming addicted I have taken as little as possible).  We hope that the anti-nausea pill will allow me to eat more.  I am experiencing a lot of food aversions, and on top of that the nausea is making it hard to eat.  

They did give me the all clear to go to Dee and Jim's Lakeside Retreat.  Which is great, I can't wait to get up there and be babied.  They have fully stocked their kitchen and plan to fully undue my 13 Lb weight loss.  I will still do some posts while away, and hopefully I will be able to take some new pictures to accompany my posts.  Today's picture is of my sidekick and current nurse Dexter William III*.  Since being home from the surgery the little bugger hasn't left my side.  Even when I go in to the bathroom he sits outside the door and waits for me to come back out.  He has been my snuggle buddy and my comic relief.

*No I never knew Dexter William II nor I.  When I found Dex (or actually he found me) he was all scrawny and sick so I decided to give him a good regal sounding name.  


Keri said...

Dexter sounds like a fabulous and conscientious nurse.

Sorry to hear that you've stumped the doc.

Paula said...

Hi Steph, It makes me feel so much better knowing that you will be with your parents for a while and you will be "babied". Everyone needs to be babied once in a while. I know I need babied and when that need arises there is no one else better than mum and dad no matter how old you are! Something about those 2 that seem to make everything all better.

Enjoy the vicodan and rest up at the cottage!

Love, Aunt Paula

Maribeth said...

Sorry to hear that you aren't getting any answers, although I'm glad you don't have any bad news.

Hopefully time with your parents will allow you to rest up.

Your cat is cute. I think that is so sweet that he is by your side. They have a way of knowing things.

Mom-To-Be said...

Hopefully they will have some answers for you soon! Have fun relaxing (and do be sure to relax). Dex is such a cute little guy and I'm sure he's taking very good care of his mommy!

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

Hi Steph--I'm not 100% clear on all of your myriad complications, bu I'll just relay that I had some non-abcess fluid post surgery that I wound up having drained under sedation that they think may have gone away on its own. Unfortunately, the pain I'd been having didn't go away with the drainage, but it did eventually go away.

Recovery is a long, long process, but the more you can be gentle with yourself (and the more milkshakes you can consume), the better off you'll be. :)

Keep up the good work and enjoy your time away!

Christina said...

What a wonderful little kitty! Isn't it amazing how they just "know" when you need something. Very heartwarming. i hope your doctor becomes unstumped and enjoy your time at the "lakeside retreat".

Anonymous said...

kjh36 from the nest here.... just sending you more good thoughts, hoping answers are just within reach and you are feeling better so soon! You are brave, you are wonderful, you will get through this! You're boxer angel will make sure of it! : )