Thursday, August 7, 2008


Just got home.  Its 11:30 and I am wiped out.  The CAT scan did not show any abscess (yahoo!) but it did confirm fluid in the lower part of bowel.  So I guess, now I wait to talk to my doctor tomorrow to see what could be causing all the fluid.  The good news is no abscess! 

On a completely different note the radiologist did notice multiple cysts on my right ovary.  Hm.  WHat the hell is that about!


Erin said...

Hopefully the cysts are nothing to be concerned with. You need, no - correction, you DESERVE a break after all you've been through. So, there's no absess (it's late and I can't spell - my apologies) but what is the cause of your faining? Did they figure that out?

Kaitlynn said...

i'm a 15 yr. old girl who has FAP. my dad passed away of it when i was 3, so of course, it being a genetic thing, i inherited the gene, along with my older brother. We both now have grown the polyps, and im scared shitless about the upcoming years. Especially since i want to be a singer when im older, and i'm starting to think that so wont happen...

I just read your blog, and i wanted to let you know how cool i think it is that you're able to post this on the internet for everyoen to read. I'm terrible embarrassed about it, and i know i shouldn't be... =[
But reading your blog, as much as it scares me reading wot im gonna ahve to go through, helps me alot, to understand it, and know that i'm not alone.

I'm going to continue to read your blog, and i wish you all the best.

--kaitlynn ♥

Anonymous said...

Steph, Could hardly sleep waiting to find out about the CAT - glad to hear there isn't an abscess. As Erin said, you deserve a break. It is time for the "Magic from Magic Hat" is to kick in soon.

Keep up your spirits and try to stay strong. Look how you are helping Kaitlynn with your blog!

Love, Aunt Paula

Keri said...

Yay for no abscess! I really hope that your doctor is able to provide you with some answers today regarding the fainting and the fluid.

Andrea said...

Yay! So glad that there's not an abscess! Hopefully Dr. Kim can figure out where the fluid is coming from so you can start feeling better.

UC Girl said...

Hang in there, Steph!!!

Steph said...

Kaitlynn: Hello fellow fap'er. I am sorry you and your brother both have this disease. And I am very sorry that this disease took your Dad's life. If you ever want to talk (rant, ask questions, anything) just leave a way for me to contact you (emails probably the best, unless you start of blog, or myspace or something). It must be very hard to have deal with this at age 13. But the good news is that you are ahead of the disease and hopefully you can stay on top of it. When I was first diagnosed I felt so alone, so I can imagine how you feel. Please let me know if there is anything I can do. And please keep in mind that the complications I have had since my surgery are rare! My body just likes to be abnormal.
Good Luck!!!