Monday, August 4, 2008

A quick one

Just a real quick post.  I am doing well and healing.  I still have horrible fatigue.  My blood pressure is really low which has lead to a handful of fainting and strange dizziness spells.  I also blame the blood pressure for the weird fuzzy head feeling I have.  Which it makes it difficult to put thoughts into sentences.  I have a lot of post topics I want to cover, I just do not have the energy or mind power for it.  
I have adjusted fairly well to life with my stoma.  The last few days though I have had a painful ache around it.  If it continues tomorrow I plan to call my Stoma Nurse.  My only other "side effect" has been the blood and mucus I pass through my anus.  I am shocked by the amount and would swear that food might be slipping through if I didn't have an end illeostomy.  (End illeo means my small intestines were completely snipped in two)  This blood mucus passing has also lead to a few pass  outs.  I still don't have much control over my sphincters, so when I feel urge I have to quickly get to the bathroom.  With all ready being prone to fainting the mad dash for the bathroom is more than my blood pressure can handle.  

Well I am feeling really tired and kind of clammy so I am going to go and catch up on some Days of Our Lives.  (Come on, how could I not get hooked on Days again?)


Aunt Deb and Family said...

Stephanie, You're breaking my heart here! I wish there was something I could do for you. I pray everyday for you but I still feel like there is something else I want/need to do for you.
Keep your chin up! You will adapt and heal more and more each day.
Love ya, Aunt Deb

Jeff said...


You have demonstrated more personal strength than I think you realized you had. You are an amazing person.

Uncle Jeff

Paula said...

Glad to hear from you - I was getting worried. Hope the healing moves a long a little faster for you.

Oh come on - Days of our Lives, what about General Hospital that's the show to get hooked on, oh yea and One Life to Live. Now that is 3 great hours of TV in a row!
Love, Aunt Paula

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you..I was getting a little worried about you!! I called you yesterday..anyway, I totally know what you mean about the dizziness and fainting spells due to low blood pressure. About four years ago I fainted in the shower, and they ran a million tests on me and just came to the conclusion that I have low pressure and always will. So needless to say, I have fainted several times after that and once in the shower again, which is scary...the only piece of advice my doc had was to get up slowly from sitting or lying and to drink something high in natural sugar like OJ in the morn to regulate my BP a little better. It is scary though! And I agress with Paula, what about GH?? We grew up on General Hospital!!! HA...ok well hope to hear from you soon. Rest and relax...Love, Jessi

Maribeth said...

I'm pretty sure the story line of Days hasn't changed much since I stopped watching it like 14 years ago, I don't think it should take long to catch back up. :)

Since then, I'm guessing about five people have died and come back to life. Stefano is still evil. Sami is still up to something.

Have fun with it. Hope the pressure goes back up quick.

Christina said...

Good to hear from you! I don't think I'd watch DOOL. It will make you feel more sick. Not too excited about any of the storylines!