Monday, December 15, 2008

All I want for Christmas

Dear Santa,

I have been a good girl this year (well at least most of the time), and all I want for Christmas this year is for the doc at Mayo to remove the polyps in my duodenum.  I really just want to avoid or at least postpone having the pancreatoduodenectomy (I am no longer going to refer to it as "The Whipple", as that is just too whimsical sounding for such a serious surgery.  Very misleading.)  

I promise to leave you some of my awesome peanut butter cookies, and I guarantee they will be the best peanut butter cookies you will have this year.  With all of my crazy baking while in recovery mode I have perfected the peanut butter cookie.  Chunky peanut butter, more peanuts, salt.  Ah, the perfect mixture of salt and sweet.  

Anyways I digress. . .  So, if there is anyway you have some pull with the people upstairs, I'd really appreciate it this year.  

Thank you.  

PS. Your elf that was covering for you was a bit scary.  He freaked Gracie out.  First he hated puppy kisses, and then he told Gracie he'd mate with her.  So, um, I just thought you should know.  


Erin T. said...

Creepy much? I think there's a line in their contract they have to be scary and creepy. If they're smelly (esp like alcohol) it's a mandatory bonus for them.

I'll be waiting on pins and needles next week to see if Santa brings you your wish.

Cousin Erin

Shana said...

How can Santa refuse a wish like that! Not to mention with the extra bonus of peanut butter cookies you're a shoe in! And what's up with the Santa being creepy with Gracie. Tell her it's ok to bite creepy elves. :o)

Maribeth said...

Best of luck with your procedure.

It is funny because I looked at the picture before I read the PS and thought he looked a bit creepy.

kristen said...

Lol about Santa!

I'll be thinking of you and sending prayers for your surgery. I think you have a lot of prayers and wishes to Santa on your side!

Amanda said...

Santa's little helper looks creepy! Gracie has this look on her face like "Mom! Get me out of here!"

But Santa, if you're listening, Steph is right about those peanut butter cookies. I had one last night at our family Christmas and it was delish!!

Steph, our fingers and toes are crossed that everything works out in your favor next week. We'll be thinking of you and Scott!

Amanda & Keith

Mandy said...

OMG! I thought the pic was fake!! LOL I thought, wow she found a pic that really looks like gracie!! Most "Santa"s are creepy, I've found since having kids.