Tuesday, December 16, 2008

One Week Out

This time next week, those buggers in small intestines will be meeting their match, hopefully.  I am pretty excited for Mayo.  We have found a doggie daycare that Gracie can go to on the day of the procedure.  Since, it could end up being a long day at the hospital, we didn't want to leave Gracie alone in the hotel all day.  We also have arranged for Mr Dexter Cat to have a nice holiday vacation at my Mother in law's.  He loves Becky, and he will relish in some quiet time way from his always pestering little sis.  

Just in case, we are packing some of warmer clothes.   Um, no, not for Mayo.  The high there today is only  6˚, brr.  But maybe, just maybe, we'll make the 30 hour hike to Fl to see my family.  (Where it is a toasty 84˚ today.  Much more my style!)  

Here is to hoping!  

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kristen said...

Ooh! Can I go with you to FL? Haha, jk, Minnesota will be AWESOME. And ridiculously freezing - I'll be 5 hours north of you. :o

Good luck!! *~