Friday, December 12, 2008

Sexy Specs

I feel a bit better after my pity party yesterday.  It helped that a little elf gave me an early Christmas gift, an Ulta gift card.  Retail therapy can lift even the most dire spirits.   I decided I need a new nail polish, so I picked out a color that matched my Ebenezer attitude.  Baby It's "Coal" Outside by Opi.  A sparkly charcoal that throughly matches my mood.  

Also I picked up my new sexy specs yesterday.  Last week I paid the optometrist a visit.  After many arguments with Scott over my poor passenger seat direction giving, I thought maybe I should have my vision check.  Especially with the road trip looming in our near future.  

Last weeks visit to the eye doc turned out to be quite the event.  Besides finding out my eyesight is pretty bad and that I should be wearing glasses all the time, especially while driving.  (The doc was surprised I was able to pass the vision screening at my last license renewal, I didn't inform I got lucky guessing half the letters.) I also learned that I have some manifestations of FAP in my eyeballs.  (Can I please escape all things FAP for one week!?) Turns out I have a few CHRPEs (stands for Congenital Hypertrophy of the Retinal Pigment Epithelium.  Yeah, CHRPE's, pronounced chirps, is much easier on the tongue) on each of my pretty eyeballs or actually my retinas.  CHRPEs are much like freckles or birthmarks on the retina, and are present since birth.  While all the reading I have done on CHRPEs, indicates they are a benign condition, my eye doc wasn't as laid back.  He talked me into getting these crazy pictures taken of the back of my eyeballs, so we had the size and location of the CHRPEs on file.  He was concerned if they grew or changed in anyway it would be a sign they are cancerous.  So basically, he said it is now really important to go to my yearly eye doctor appt. if nothing more then to monitor these eye freckles.   Oh yeah, and that super high tech eye ball picture taking, think insurance covered that?!  Of course not.   

After learning about my new FAP apparition, I had to pay.  (I am seriously wondering what is the point of eye insurance at this point)  As I whipped out my wallet to pay, I accidentally threw my back-up undies across the office.   Life with a j-pouch doctrines that you  must carry a back up pair of underwear with you at all times.  You never know when you might read the new plumbing's signals wrong, and I have learned it is always better to be prepared.  Over the next 30 seconds (which felt more like 10 mins.) I had to decide if I wanted to ignore the neon pink under-roos that were now sitting 15 feet away, or calmly say "excuse me" and saunter over to them and pick them up.  If you're curious, I ended up embarrassingly walking across the office and cramming then back into my purse, the whole time with a matching pink face.  


Erin T. said...

Sorry to say you've made me laugh so hard I do believe coffee has nearly come out my nose!

Aren't those eye pictures cool though? Any major illness your body contracts will manifest itself on the back of your eyeball. Who would a known?!

I agree with your thoughts on retail therapy. I do believe shopping can lift the most dire of moods.

Beijos ~ Cousin Erin

Erin N. said...

Ohh...I hope you're feeling better! I think you should embrace the extra undies by pulling them out of your bag and waving them around at any chance you get!

Jeannie Payne said...

It's your fellow FAP'er again. Instead of seeing an optometrist, from now on you should go to an ophthalmologist, specifically one that is considered a "retina specialist". They fall under your medical insurane instead of vision insurance so hopefully those cool pics of your retinas would be covered by medical. That's what my son and I do. I actually work in the eye care industry so if you need some help finding a dr I'd be glad to help.

Chitown Meg said...

I just read your post- Oh my!!! I totally understand you on so many levels!! You sound like me- that is something I totally would have done. I have backup clothes with me too!!! I'm sorry about your eyes :( Isn't it always something?? I do love your new nail polish by the way! I saw that Ulta the other day when I was using MY gift card! :) I settled for a few bottles of Essie. Hang in there!!

Keri said...

Jeannie made a good point that having an ophthalmologist keep an eye (ha!) on your eye freckles might be a better bet than an optometrist. Plus, having it covered by medical insurance will definitely be another plus.

I started seeing an ophthalmologist this year and have been happy with them. I think they're considered cornea specialists (as opposed to retina specialists) though. But let me know if you'd like the name.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Steph! Your under roo situation was hysterical! PS - Nobody knows how much they can't see until they try on a pair of glasses - the same thing happened to me. I never knew people saw individual leaves on a tree until my first pair of glasses!

Cousin Mandy

Half Blog Girl said...

When I got my first pair of glasses (around 6th grade) I said to my mom, "Wow. I never realized how dirty our floor was."

Shana said...

Oh Steph! Tossing underwear across the office is GREAT! At least they were pretty hot pink ones. Next time you should just smile and say "excuse me. I had a crazy weekend." LOL! I figure it's better to keep them wondering! :o)

As for the ophthalmologist I agree to check them out. My mom goes to an excellent one if you would like a referral.