Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Recovery

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend.  Ours went well, but all that cooking and hosting really wore me out.  I am also paying the price for the over indulgences too.  I just took 2 Bentyls (the antispasmodic) and I plan to have a couch day (I also need to finish this post before the bentyl kicks in and I start getting loopy).   It was all worth it though.  On a whole the day consisted of a lot of eating, Playstation football and some more eating.  And I got to feel like a real person again.  I ate normal food, had no major pain and I even got to indulge in the bubbly.  Everything was going smoothly in the kitchen, until I ended up taking a Bentyl, and then the next thing I knew the gravy exploded and I knocked over the 5 Lb bag of flour.  Hey, at least I was entertaining.   
Little Miss Gracie Mae got to enjoy the holiday too.  She had her first raw turkey neck.*  I guess even dogs can go into post-Thanksgiving food comas.  

*Believe it or not but raw meaty bones are perfectly fine to give to dogs.  Just never ever give cooked bones, they splinter and can do major internal damage.  


Becca said...

heh. are you like...myself in another form?!? in may and june when i was on all the biggie chemo drugs, it caused the most massive cramping EVER known to man in my pouch. I mean, hardcore. I felt like labor pains were paper cuts compared to these. After trying a few things, the doc finally gave me Bentyl. And it definitely dulled the cramps (though i could feel them there, lurking ever so slightly trying to sieze my intestines again). But daaaammnnn. It made my loopy as hell!
luckily my cramping subsided when they changed my chemo all-together.
but my oh my you and i have WAY too much in common ;)
Hang in there normal girl.

Keri said...

It sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving! I'm glad to hear it. And I'm glad Gracie enjoyed her Thanksgiving too. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hello long lost friend!

I am so glad I found you, although I must admit, I was hoping to find you in a different place! After spending an hour catching up with you on your blog, I am pleased to say that you are an inspiration! I am so taken by your courage and spirits with what life dealt - you were always a strong force, and I am proud to say that I know you! I would love to catch up and reconnect. Please e-mail me.

Gina (McKay) Ciaramitaro

Rosie said...

I am glad that you enjoyed the Holday! I always love seeing the pictures that you post!

Maribeth said...

Glad you enjoyed the holidays. You deserved it!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear the holiday went well! I wish we could have spent it together! Your Gracie is so freaking cute, I wish her and my Nellie could be play buddies! Love you and miss you!


Amanda said...

I'm not going to lie -- it was pretty funny when the gravy exploded :) The expression on your face was priceless.

Thanks for hosting such a wonderful (and yummy) Thanksgiving! We had a great time with all of you.

Amanda & Keith

brigita said...

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner? I wouldn't have dared to to that pre-cancer. You, my dear, are an effing rock star. Well done. :)

Anonymous said...

You certainly ARE an "effing rockstar"--hard to believe you carried this enormous load for Thanksgiving. Happy you had fun--Bentyl never gave me the loops but it relieved pain.
BUT, I must comment about giving the sweetie Gracie,a raw turkey neck. Over many years having doggie pets, consulting with vets some who who are close friends at both MSU and Ohio State, ALL kinds of fowl bones are totally FOUL & forbidden. Curious to know where the information originated (recent?) that ALL raw bones were OK. Include it somewhere on your next blog. Please don't do this unless you have very up-to-date information on this subject. For the love of Gracie--------