Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Adios Stoma Stan

Well, Stoma Stan you've been a good little stoma.  You did your job, and now it is on to bigger and better things.  If, in the future, our paths should meet again, that would be ok.  But here is to hoping I never have to see your shiny red face again.  

Lack of food and water may be making me delirious.  I am scheduled to go in at 12:15.  All I can think about is the IV.  My insides are like the Sahara.  Since the beginning of this journey, 8 weeks ago, I have lost 19 lbs.  I am curious to see if I start putting some of that back on after the take down.  

Thank you everyone for your well wishes and prayers.  It means a lot to me that you think of me.  Scott will try to do an update when I get out of surgery.  However, if he's not able to I fully plan to be blogging by tomorrow.

Peace out.  


Maribeth said...

Wishing you the best.

Mandy said...


Erin N. said...

Good luck!!!

Heather said...

you should be out of surgery by now (hopefully)... hope it went well!!! prayers for speedy recovery and adjustment for your body.