Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wanna buy a shiny rock?

Bright and early Monday morning I have my pouch-o-gram.  They will be putting barium into my j-pouch via a lovely enema.  Then x-rays are taken to make sure there are no leaks and everything is a-okay.  If I am given the all clear (which I so know I will be getting!  Its all about positive thinking people.) then we are all good for the take down on the 23rd.  If not, then the take down will be pushed back to allow the j-pouch more time to heal.  To be honest, I am a bit nervous for this procedure.  I have heard too many horror stories of inexperienced radiology techs.  Us j-pouchers, aren't all that common and many rad techs have never been trained on how to give an enema to someone without a colon.   Some fellow j-pouchers have told me I need to be very out spoken (Ha! Yeah, this so not my strongest attribute!) and to keep reminding them that I do not have normal plumbing. 
All I know is that the last time I was at the radiology department, I asked the rad tech if he was going to have to give me a barium enema.  To which the "professional hospital employee" responded with "OH DEAR GOD I HOPE NOT!!" (I had to put that in all caps so you can understand how freaked out this guy was.  You'd think regularly giving barium enemas to patients wasn't in his job description or something.) Luckily at that time I didn't have to have the enema.  All I can hope is that I get a bit more professional rad tech this time.    
On a totally other note, have you ever seen so many Petoskey stones at once?  I still think we need to start polishing those bad boys up and selling them.  Think of all the things we could make with them.  Tourists eat that stuff up!


UC Girl said...

Good luck with the test tomorrow. I'll send positive thoughts your way. I also am anxious and a little worried about the radiology techs giving me the enema ... we must have read the same horror stories. lol! Try not to worry too much. It will hopefully be over before you know it. Wow your takedown is tentatively scheduled for the 23 - of Sept? That is soon. I wish you all the luck in the world. I have my test two weeks from wed and i can not wait to schedule the take down though I am now nervous about that too. :) Just think - its almost all behind you. YAY!

Aunt Deb and Family said...

I know we would like to think that every Dr. and medical professional knows about everything medical but I am learning through life and your blog that that isn't true. So really be sure to speak up for yourself. Make sure you are heard and that you feel confident with the person that is caring for you.
I am glad to hear that you are getting stronger. Sounded like Mom and Dad took good care of you. Scott too.

I pray that everything goes smoothly tomorrow. Much love Steph, Hi to Scott. Aunt Deb

Paula said...

Hey Steph, Hope all goes well tomorrow and you get an experienced technician. You have every right to ask them how experienced they are and if you aren't comfortable with that person ask for someone else. You deserve the best! Keep up the positive thoughts and will looking forward to an update. You haven't mentioned Scott lately, how is he doing? I was thinking about your wedding the other day because Aunt Donna brought out some pictures of me at your wedding and OMG what a mess I was. I was doing some crazy dance with an umbrella poll! I really had a great time that weekend!

My thoughts and prayers are with the both of you.
Love, Aunt Paula

TaylsN said...

Hi, my name is Taylor and my boyfriend was recently diagnosed with FAP. It's been a really scary journey so far. Reading all the medical lit was really upsetting and frightening. Reading your blog has given me a dose of reality and although I know it's a long road ahead, I feel a lot of hope and strength reading about your personal experiences. I really appreciate that you've taken the time to put this out there.