Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday morning thoughts

So did anyone watch Stand up To Cancer last night?  Thoughts?  Overall I thought it was pretty good, even if they did try and pull on your heart strings to get you to donate.  I wish they would have told you how much money they raised.  Hopefully they are able to make a difference in cancer research.  The show did, however, encouraged me to get involved in research studies.  At first I never thought much about it, but if it is able to make a difference down the road, why not?  If there is anyway I can help to save a child from being diagnosed with this then why the hell not?  The Huntsman Cancer Institute in Utah is currently doing a study and they need blood samples of people who are positive for the FAP gene.  No better time to start.  
My only beef with the show was the colon cancer segment.  Colon cancer was the one cancer that they had a cartoon family on for?  Really?  Are we as Americans that uncomfortable with our poop that we have to have a cartoon talk to us about it?  That is disappointing.  Brad Garrett was able to get a prostate exam live on TV (do you really think it was an actual exam?) yet they couldn't show any of Charles Barkey's colonoscopy. They chose only to show Homer Simpson's.  I realize the show needed some comic relief, but the joke of colon cancer is getting old.  You'd never see anyone make a joke about breast cancer.  

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