Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Movement has Ceased

I haven't had a bowel movement in 36 hours.  I really don't want to call my surgeon's nurse.  She'll make me come in, and then that will be a very  uncomfortable exam.  If only I could get things moving on  my own.  I'm not in any great pain, so I wouldn't think it's a blockage causing this.  Besides I haven't eaten anything that could cause a blockage.  I'm giving myself a couple more hours to get things moving.  Then if the dams don't open I'll call.  

:::Running off to drink more grape juice.:::  


Erin N. said...

Good luck pooping!!!

I've always wanted to say that.

Maribeth said...

Hope things get moving soon.

Erin said...

green goodness!!! it is from bolthouse farms. it has a kiwi on the fron of it, it is awesome and makes me go every time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph!
I'm shocked Mimi hasn't left a "pear juice" tip on the blog! Aww - now I'm embarassing Mimi and all of us with her genes that "regulary" need pear juice tips :)
Hopefully your pain is getting better, we're thinking of you!!
Love ya,

brigita said...

Coffee's always been my standby...

Good luck!