Wednesday, September 17, 2008

All good on this front.

Visit with the cardiologist went well yesterday.  I was surprised to find out that while sitting my pulse jumps to 114 but if I lay down it goes to 76.  I was so engrossed with this that I kept testing myself  all day.  (It is fun being easily amused.)  The main reason my primary referred me to the cardiologist was to have the tilt table test performed.  The cardiologist, however, could not be bothered to perform this test.  Oh well.  The cardiologist diagnosed me with orthostatic hypotension.  I was a bit perturbed by him.   We already suspected this was the diagnosis, but the point of the visit was to prove this is what was causing the fainting (by performing the tilt table test).  He did prescribe me a medicine that will help, Florinef.  It is suppose to make my kidneys hold on to more water and sodium, but at the same time it lowers the amount of potassium and calcium in the body.  Since my body has had trouble regulating my electrolytes as is, I don't really know if this medicine is the best for me.  I tried to express my concerns with this drug, especially with it being so close to surgery, but he didn't seem to listen.  My plan is to hold onto the script, and see if I still have these symptoms after the take down.  There is no way I am going to start a new med this close to surgery, especially since one of its side effects was "slow wound healing".  Yeah right.   

If there is any place on earth that looks like purgatory, it might be the waiting room of a cardiologist office. It was very obvious the other patients were trying to figure out what the hell I was doing there.  Some people were staring so hard, I wondered if maybe I forgot to put pants on or something.  

Hm, I just noticed that I never gave you all the results from my pouch-o-gram.  There are no leaks, but there is some "narrowing at the connection site" (doctors description, not mine).  We will still go through with the take down as planned, but if I experience problems then we will make an appointment for the Doc to dilate the constricted area.  Doesn't that sound pleasant?  The nurse noticed my hesitation, and immediately assured me the dilation would be done under anesthesia.  Phew!  


Keri said...

Glad to hear that the cardiologist appointment went well, even though it does sound kind of frustrating.

I've been seeing a ophthalmologist regularly for the past 6 months. I'm typically the only one in the waiting room younger than 75 years old. I've always felt like people look at me funny and wonder why on Earth I'm there, perhaps much like your cardiologists office.

Mandy Beach said...

I'm so glad all the tests have turned out to be nothing serious. I know exactly what you mean about being stared at in the waiting room! LOL!! I too had to regulary see a cardiologist with every pregnancy due to severe "inapropriate sinus tachycardia". I'm sure everyone was trying to figure out why this pregnant chick was there! It's funny because I think my cardiologist actually enjoyed the change of pace as he always spent a ton of time with me. Sorry you didn't get a good one.

Anonymous said...

So through your blog I finally now know what my low blood pressure condition is....I know that is what I is the exact same symptoms and signs that I experience! Funny how no dr could tell me that, but you could!!! Hope all is well and I miss ya!

Love, Jessi

aunt colleen said...

Hi Steph,
You really do listen to your body well - it must be frustrating spending so much time having doctors prod and put you on their rotational axis, when you so much need to stay centered yourself. Do you get to talk with Andy? (I feel a little ignorant not knowing what field of medicine he is studying)
And Steph, if people are looking at you - don't you ever forget what a lovely, sweet, and approachable young lady you have always been (maybe a little on the quiet side until someone gets to know you?) I think that's why I love reading your blog so much - I get to hear some of your thoughts.
Steph, do something nice for yourself today - take in the last week of summer, and know that prayers are being lifted up^^^^^^!
For you and those surrounding you. Blessings, Aunt Colleen

Christina said...

LOL about the cardiologist's office!