Monday, September 29, 2008

One Day at a Time

Saturday was pretty rough for me, but Sunday was better.  I've learned a few lessons the hard way.  I have to stay on top of my pain.  If I miss a pain pill by as little as an hour, it then takes hours to catch back up and get the pain under control.  Also, I learned I have to eat very small meals often.  If I don't, I get horrible intestinal cramping and pain.  And by horrible I mean absolutely-terrible-incapacitating pain.  On Sunday I started following a low-residue diet and trying to eat every 2 hours, and it has made a huge difference.  On Saturday it hurt so bad after eating it was really hard to convince myself to eat again.  

I think it also helps that my bowels fully woke up yesterday.  Before yesterday I only would expel very small amounts of stool at a time and I hadn't passed any gas since that one time at the hospital.  It took some trials and errors, but I learned how to poop yesterday.  Yup, I had to relearn how to poop.  So, now when I go the bathroom I have much more substantial bowel movements.  I've also started passing gas, lots of it.  And whoa, do I feel better.  Between the swelling from surgery and all the gas inside me I easily could have passed for five months pregnant.  

Thanks again to those who bought me the fall dresses!  They are really coming in handy.  My abdomen is still so sore I can't wear pants.  Even if I wasn't so sore, I don't think they'd fit over my pseudo-pregnant belly. 


Erin said...
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Erin said...

Ok, I'll try this again... I'm glad to hear that you're moving in the right direction. I knew you'd have to restrict your diet after all this, but it wasn't until I clicked on the link for your diet that I realized just how restricted you are. Is this a permanent diet or will you be able to add foods that are current no-no's as you heal?

I hope you let your body tell you this time when you're ready to do more, rather than you telling your body. Rest up and get better soon!

Love ya ~ Erin

Steph said...

Erin- As I start to heal I can add in one new food at a time. Some foods I may be fine with and some might cause me problems. If a food causes any issue then I can wait a few weeks and try again later. By only adding one new food at a time, it is easy to identify what cause a problem.

aunt colleen said...

I can't believe I'm posting this - but I'm so relieved you pooped and farted!! (This is very familar language for me, since I have all sons).
Knowing that you are in so much pain is rough, but I am grateful you have Becky.
Take your meds! Love, Aunt Colleen

Anonymous said...

Still thinkin about you every day! Take is slow and enjoy the time to be still and quiet. I love you!
Love, Jess

Aunt Teri said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. As always you are amazing Steph! Hang in there.