Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another Day, another office visit.

How much of the rest of my life will be spent sitting in waiting rooms?  I need to invest in a larger purse so I bring things with me to keep my mind occupied.  There is only so many outdated magazines one can pretend to stare at.  

This morning I had an appointment with my primary care physician.  It wasn't for anything special, just a check up and to talk about a "few things".  My doctor is actually a very good doc, he sat with me for over an hour and talked things out with me. Unfortunately, I am finding that doctors like this, who can make time for you, are rare.  Even though the appointment went well, there were a handful of things that concerned the good doc.  So, I'm off for some more testing.  
First off, tomorrow I get to have a brain ct.  Fun! Given the chronic headaches and this passing out thing I've been doing we figured there is no harm in looking. 
 Also I am having some blood tests done tomorrow.  Again just to check things out. He wants to get a comprehensive metabolic panel (yeah I don't really know what that means either) andto  check thyroid levels.  Also I saw that he put on the lab order a cholesterol screening .  
I was all "Cholesterol?  Why do we need to check that, Doc?" Thinking maybe he thought it would show something was wrong with one of my organs.  
His response was "We should always screen people's cholesterol levels" 
 "But I thought that was something you only need to be concerned with when you are older"
"Yes thats true." 
"Oh. . ."  Crap I keep forgetting I'm not 19.   

Also I am being referred to a cardiologist.  Again it is for the passing out thing I keep doing.  I prefer to call it the "whoomps whoomps" due to the sound I hear when it happens.    It starts off with me feeling funny, then everything goes black even though my eyes remain open.  Hands and face go numb and I can't talk.  A couple times during the "episode" I completely forget where I am and I twitch a bit.  Basically he just wants to check that nothing major is causing all this.  The thought is it is just related to blood pressure and hydration issues.  

I feel pretty confident that none of this stuff is going to show anything serious.  But then again we felt that way before the original colonoscopy.  Oh well better safe than sorry.  
I have now seen more doctors in the past 4 months then I have in my whole life.   Really hard to believe that just a few months ago I was a perfectly healthy 29 year old.  What happened to the old healthy-I don't bother seeing doctors-I don't take medication-me?  


Craig said...

Though I haven't commented frequently I trust you know you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.

The blog today about Dr. visits brings to mind how fortunate I am and I hope you are with insurance coverage. Through my health issues I have not had to pay anything except the paltry office visit copay. While company benefits vary I am frequently aware of how fortunate most of us are who have large company plans to cover our health issues. Hopefully we do not lose sight of the fact that many others are not as fortunate. Imagine facing the types of surgeries you are undergoing without any insurance coverage!

Anyway, keep the fight going. Give them hell when they don't listen or understand and give cudo's to those that do.

BTW, sometime you are welcome to duplicate your dolphin on my back.

Uncle Craig

Anonymous said...

It really sounds like your, "whoomp, whoomps" are just want I have experienced in the past two years. I got every test done..sounds like the ones that you are! And low and behold the passing out (which I really had the exact same symptoms..goes black when eyes open..etc) was due to the fact that my blood pressure is abnormally low and does not do a great job of regulating itself. Really there is not much I can do for it, just get up slowly when sitting or lying! Miss you and love you and hope your tests go okay! Love, Jess

Keri said...

I experienced the "whoomp whoomps" in French class during my junior year of high school. There's nothing quite like blacking out and then passing out in the middle of class in high school. Embarassing!! I went through some tests too and the doctor's diagnosis was, "Sometimes young women just faint."

Anyway, good luck with your tests and I'm sure everything will come back just fine. Because you know, "sometimes young women just faint." ;-)

Paula said...

Steph, I can't give much medical advice but I can give you some advice on a big purse. Vera Bradley makes the best purse/brief case/overnight bag whatever you want to call it. I use one for work. I take practically everything from my bathroom/make-up table along with me to work including my flat iron on those humid rainy days, lunch, the mail from the day before - oh yea and my laptop fits in there too!

Love Aunt Paula

Teri said...

I love Aunt Paula's blog!! I will have to look into Vera Bradley for Annie's Cheer competitions...feels like I have to bring a truck load of stuff (usually food...for Anyway we always tell people who get dizzy with or without passing out is to tighten all of your muscles for just a second before you change positions. Just info that may or may not help you. We think of you all the time and everyday. Love, Aunt Teri

Aunt Jay said...

It is always better to be safe than sorry and an extra test just to make sure tells you that your doctor cares and is listening to you. As you can atest, that is super important. We are thinking about you .... with love, Aunt Jay

aunt colleen said...

I was going through your wedding pictures and recalled the joy that just emenated from you and Scott...surrounded by so many that came to witness your union. I went to those pictures, because I kept checking in to your blog to hear what happened with your brain scan. I continue to trust that no news is simply - no news; so, please know that we are with you and hope you are getting the support and answers you need.
Love, Aunt Colleen