Friday, January 9, 2009

5 on Friday

It has been awhile. Lets start this up again. 

My new year's resolution this year is: To be as healthy as I can.  With FAP, I basically have a higher chance of a bunch of lovely different cancers and I would really like to slow down or completely prevent the growths of any more precancerous polyps.  So, I thought I would be preemptive.  Since losing the old colon attempting to be "healthy" has been easier said then done.  I have completely stopped all forms of exercises, and I would much rather curl up on the couch with a down blanket than do anything.  It is much easier to eat highly processed prepackaged foods then healthy foods.  So here we go, my plans for the future.
  1. Eat a veggie or fruit with every meal.  Basically trying eat different foods with colors from the full spectrum of the rainbow.
  2. Walk everyday.  Gracie would enjoy this too.  But here, in Mi in the winter, getting outside is not always an easy or enjoyable task.  That's ok, Dad sent us home from FL with his old treadmill.  Now if we could only find away to get it inside.  (yes we made the 22 hour dive home in a Liberty, with 2 adults, 1 dog, way too much luggage and a very large treadmill.  It was tight to say the least.)
  3. Yoga at least three times a week.  Right now while funds are not just low but completely nonexistent, I'll do yoga at home in front of the tv.  I know Gracie will get a kick out of this and pounce on me every chance she gets.  Maybe I can get her to do some downward facing dog with me?  Once we reestablish the savings account, I would like to join a studio.  We'll see. . .
  4. Drink a bare minimum of 64 oz of water.  And that is the absolute minimum!  The majority of water I consume just goes right on through.  The colon's main job is to absorb fluids (and those digestive juices, hence the pain of "butt burn"). 
  5. Try to eat as little of possible of processed foods.  The more hands that have touched it, the worse it is.  No more packaged crackers, cookies, chips and all that jazz.  
Think I can do it?

*Doesn't Gracie look nice in warm in today's picture?  I picked it, since once again it is snowing here!  I want to crawl into the picture with her and join her in soaking up the sunshine.   Dear Mother Nature, The snow can stop anytime.  Thank you.    


Keri said...

Great plans! Good luck with them.

When I do yoga at home, Jinx has a tendancy to lay down next to my mat on her back with her paws in the air. While she's very good at the savasana rest pose, we're still working on downward dog. ;-)

Christina said...

These are great goals!!! I think I might steal a couple of them! And once again, I LOVE this picture!!

Chitown Meg said...

Hey lady....I'm so intrigued by this....what you're going thru...anyways, I digress...I know I've asked before :) Hang in there! Those are great resolutions! You can do it :)

brigita said...

I have a similar resolution re: eating more produce and I could certainly make some improvements in the water drinking of luck! :)

Paula said...

Hi Steph,
We (me and Pat) joined Planet Fitness. It is a chain but not sure if there is one in Grand Rapids. It is only $10 a month for each of us to go. They have treadmills, ellipticles, steppers and bikes. The best part is there are 10 TVs on the wall. Also have a lot of weight machines and free weights. Pat loves it because he can hook up his head phones and go on the treadmill and watch his favorite TV show! Nothing better than watching TV and exercising at the same time.

Gracie looks very happy in the Florida Sun! Did she go in the pool? Was she aloud to go in the pool I guess is a better question?

Love, Aunt Paula