Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Travelin' J-pouch

Traveling a total of  50 hours in a car with a j-pouch and a puppy is a feat in of itself. Between the fact that they both got their own bags.  Gracie's had toys, 2 days of food, treats, 2 bowls, poop bags, a leash, jerky style chicken breasts and some sam's yams (vegetable rawhides).  While the butt bag contained all my restroom necessities.  Two different hiney creams,  Calmoseptine and Magic Butt Cream (MBC is a throw back from my nanny days.  Equal parts desitin, maalox, lotramin.  I swear by it), baby wipes, rubber gloves (it makes the application of said hiney creams easier to apply and more comfortable), antibacterial hand gel, antibacterial wipes (for those oh-too-nasty toilet seats, there is no hovering with a j-pouch) and a supply of charmin (come on, that cheap toilet paper is rough even on normal cheeks).

Between Gracie and I, we needed to stop at least every 3 hours, but we would push it towards every 4.  And just FYI, whenever possible stop at the roadside rest stops.  They tend to have cleaner bathrooms, which makes relaxing on the pot a bit easier, which in turn helps things to fully empty.  And they have better places to encourage your dog to go.  Nothing like standing on top of a plowed snow mound, in a parking lot, while it is -30˚ and trying to convince your whining, shivering puppy that yes indeed this is a perfectly good place to drop douce.  Rest stops at least gave us a place to walk a bit, stretch her legs and burn off some of that puppy energy.  

With all that said, I think Gracie and I both did very well on our adventure.  I just can't imagine doing it again when she is bigger.  As it was, we took up the ENTIRE vehicle (given is was a Jeep Liberty, but still!)  Or maybe I just need to learn to pack lighter.  


brigita said...

Congrats on the successful trip! Traveling with a dog can be tricky enough--I'm glad to see how quickly you've gotten the hang of your new "architecture." :)

Christina said...

Thank you thank you thank you for that magic butt cream potion!!! We actually would have to get a prescription for it and then they were starting to get stingy about giving out the prescription. It is the ONLY thing that worked for us!!

Anonymous said...

I think dogs are easier to travel with - they can't say "are we there yet" and kids (especially boys need to stop every 3 hours anyway just to eat!

kristen said...

Steph, you are positively super girl. I don't know how you do it. And you even manage to do it and be funny and upbeat at the same time! :) Much respect & love -k

Karen said...

Love your butt cream recipe.
I have a recipe for those shaving bumps around your bikini line. It's equal parts Triple Antibacterial ointment( Any brand will do), Monistat cream (any anti-fungal, really) and Nystatin. MIx together and smooth a small amount on the area after shaving and voila. Never a bump.
I won't even try a wax.
I'm a fairly new reader to your blog and think it's great that you put it all out there. I have very beloved family members with problematic colons and your blog really helps me to understand them and their problems in that area. Thanks.
Oh and for Anonymous. Kids are DEFINITELY easier to travel with. To them, at least, you can say, "we'll stop in 10 minutes for a bathroom break". With a dog, they just don't get waiting 10 minutes. KWIM? And kids can be entertained by eating snacks for a bit longer than 1.2 seconds.