Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm Baaaaack

Did everyone miss me?  We had an incredible time in Florida with my parents.  We made it down there just in time for Christmas dinner.   I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas present.  

And all I have to say about Mayo is that I love it there!  What an incredible place if you need great care.  Everyone is very kind and the doctors are knowledgeable and extremely thorough.  It is a good thing I like it there, because it looks like I'll  be going back there every 3-4 months for awhile.  

The procedure itself went very smoothly.  The doctor was able to remove the polyp on my ampulla.  The polyp was much larger then the doctor had anticipated and he was worried for a bit that he wasn't going to be able to remove it.  But he did, thank God.  He commented that it was one of the largest he'd seen.  It came in measuring over 2.5 cm, and usually he doesn't even attempt to remove any over 2 cm.   Due to the polyp's large size and the fact the doctor scraped the inside of my duodenum down the the never fibers, I was in A LOT of pain.  I wasn't expecting any pain, so I was a bit surprised when I came to.  I mean we are talking of a 8-9 on the pain scale.  It took 100 mg of Fentanyl to make me even remotely comfortable.  Due to the amount of pain I was in, they decided to admit me.  The concern was pancreatitis or a bowel perforation.   Luckily by morning it was neither of these, and I was allowed to go.

I need to go back to Mayo in a few months so the doc can check and make sure the edges are all clean and there is no remaining pieces of this polyp.  Also I still have 2 more good sized polyps in there that need removed.  Due to there sizes he thinks he will only be able to remove them a section at a time.  

While I was in the hospital there I was speaking with the resident GI and she asked who my FAP doctor was.  FAP doctor, what?!  I guess at Mayo they have doctors who just specialize in FAP!  I was blown away by this.  So, when I'm out there for my next visit I am going to meet with one of these specialists.  

Hopefully this week is my last week of doctor appts for a while.  Tomorrow I meet with my colorectal surgeon, hopefully he agrees that everything is going fine.  I also need to have my GI order an Xray for me.  While at Mayo they placed a stent in my pancreatic duct, and we need to check that it has fallen out.   Other than that we are just awaiting the path report on my polyp (which I am feeling very confident it will be benign).  Then after all that I plan to stay away from the docs for a bit, hopefully until I head back out to Mayo!

Stay tuned for lots of pictures from Florida!   All I can say is it was a good time had by all.  


Keri said...

I'm so glad to hear that things went well at Mayo. I've been wondering how you've been doing.

Mandy said...

I've been anxious to hear, so glad you're doing well. Bet it was soooo nice in FL, we've been in the 70's here so I'm sure it was really warm there! I knew you'd like Mayo's, my SIL and niece have only good things to say about the staff there!

Shana said...

I'm so glad everything went well at Mayo (other then the pain). It sounds like you are in the most capable hands possible. And how great that you were able to head to Florida too!! A truly wonderful Christmas present!

Anonymous said...

Mayo is awesome and it is incredible that they have Doctors who specialize in just FAP/GS.

I see one down here in Jacksonville.

Glad your procedure went well and you had a good Holiday.

Charlie aka Chuckus from J Pouch Website

Christina said...

Great news!!! And I have to comment on that adorable picture!!!

Becca said...

So glad to hear you made it through smoothly enough. Rock the hell on girl!
(i'm thinking i'll have to be heading down to mayo myself sometime. wanna make it a date? ;)