Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Good News Part Deux

I heard from Mayo.  First off, the polyp that they removed from my ampulla showed only low grade dsyplasia (no cancer!).  Yahoo!  And it looks like I have a date for my next appointment.  March 4th. So soon!  It is quite a bit sooner than I expected.  The doctor wants to check the area where he removed the polyp to make sure all the edges are clean.  He will also attempt to remove the other two polyps that he couldn't get to last time.  
Today's pictures are in honor of yet another day here inMichigan where we won't see the sun.  

 And no this is not the end of my "good news" streak!  I still have more to come. . .


Keri said...

Yay! Great news!

Aunt Deb and Family said...

That is Good news Stephanie. I am so glad. I am dieing to know the other good news. I am not very good about waiting. I might have to call your Dad. But I will try to wait.
I am glad you are figuring out life with a j-pouch.. But 10-15 times in the bathroom seems like most of the day. Ugh... I can't begin to imagine.
Do you have the butt burn under control or is it always there? Is that asking to much info?
Continue to get better..
Love ya,

Aunt Jay said...

Congratulations ....I love those good news stories!!