Tuesday, January 20, 2009

End of an Error

Don't worry!  I didn't turn into a popsicle in the arctic weather we had last week!  Nor did I get buried in the 20 inches of new snow we got over the weekend.  (We have gotten 89 inches so far this season, the average for the whole season is 72 inches!)  I guess I just didn't have a lot to say.   But don't fret because I have lots to talk about now!

The first half of last week, I was feeling good.  I mean real good!  I decided not to blog about it as I didn't want to jinx it.  Turns out, I must of jinxed it anyways.  But still where I am today it leaps and bounds better then where I was just a month ago.  I have to say, living with this j-pouch is very doable.  I no longer find myself wishing stoma stan was back.  I probably average around 12-15 bathroom trips a day.  And on average, I only experience those dreadful cramps in the evenings.  Usually around 6 pm they start, but they aren't anything 2 doses of Bentyl can't take care of.   How about that for progress, huh?!  

I attribute a lot of my progress to eating a fruit or veggie with every meal.  I had been cautioned about eating fruits and veggies.  From what I've been told most people with a j-pouch don't tolerate them very well.  I'm glad I threw that advice out the window.  Also I have become much more fluent in my j-pouch's language.  I understand a bit better the signals he is sending me. And he is learning his new job as a makeshift mini colon.  (I have no idea why I think of my j-pouch as a "he".  I just do.  Maybe since he deals with, well, poop.  That sure isn't a feminine thing now is it?)

And I have more good news, but you'll just have to wait. . .  I can't just blurt it all out on a Monday now can I?  

Alright, I must go.  Time to grab my coffee and be glued to my TV and watch history be made.  (yes did I tell you I can also handle coffee!  Well small amounts of it and then I still have to up my H2O intake, but still. . .Coffee.  Yum)  


Paula said...

Yea for Coffee - I don't know how I would live without it. I think I know what the other bit of goods news is but I won't spoil it - you have to know the Rothhaar grapevine travels faster than the internet!!!!
Love Aunt Paula

Anonymous said...

This is killing me...what is the good news! I LOVE GOOD NEWS! Did you get my message over the weekend??

Love, Jess