Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Gas We Pass

Life is going pretty good as of lately.  I start my new job on Monday.  Gracie and I begin intermediate obedience classes tonight.  I've adjusted to life with a j-pouch.  And I no longer mourn for stoma stan.  It looks as though life is finally starting to smooth out for me.  

I even hit another milestone last night. . . while sitting on the couch I farted.  Yup, you read that right!  Tooting while in a sitting position was a major milestone!  Up until last night, I was only able to expel gas if my pelvis was lifted higher then the rest of my abdomen.  The only explanation I can give you is that gas rises. 

There had been many nights where the pressure had built up so much inside me I thought I was going to burst a seam.  One desperate night I realized that the most efficient way to expel gas was to do a headstand.  Can't elevate your bum anymore then that!  Soon it became common sight to see me doing a headstand in the middle of the living room while watching some prime time TV. Oh my poor husband.   So, I am sure you all can imagine my (and Scott's) glee when I cut the cheese in a normal position.  

With more and more normalcy returning to my life, I have started contemplating the fate of Stolen Colon.  After some debate, I decided to add a poll.  (See it is over there on the right hand side.) I would love to have my readers input on what lies ahead for Stolen Colon. 


aunt colleen said...

Of course I've posted my vote - but need to interject - it is your FAP that has brought you so many bloggers, but you that make it so real. Keep on...
if you need anything, let your blog followers know.
You're making a difference.

kristen said...

Congrats on the gassies! :)

I think you should keep blogging, right here so it just keeps going. If you want to start posting more about your regular life and randomness, you could change the web address.... or start up a new one, and keep all stolen colon updates here. Whatever you do, no stopping, sister! ;)

Heather said...

congrats! and keep this blog!

Suze said...

Congrats on gas passage!

I love the photo of your kitty.

Aunt Teri said...

I think we all need to see this thro with you getting better and better. I think it is good for all of us blog followers and if you ever write a book then you can have more info regarding going back to work and just how it all goes. Maybe just once every 1-2 weeks. You are so interesting and I think so good for others going through FAP. I can't figure out how to vote but my vote is keep it up! Hugs, Aunt Teri