Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I don't feel up to posting, but I just wanted to keep everyone in the know. I'm still at the stinkin hospital. They told me I could leave today as long as I passed a few simple objectives.

  1. I had to consume 2 meals.
  2. Keep both meals down.
  3. Both meals needed to exit via the proper route.

Sounds easy right? Well my body couldn't even do that. My first meal decided it would rather come back up instead of going down. And on top of failing those objectives I also developed some incredible abdominal pain (upper right quadrant for you medical junkies) and intense lower back pain.

I hope Gracie hasn't forgotten about me.


heather said...

I'm sure she hasn't forgotten you. But you must get better soon. I wish they could figure out what is hurting you so bad. At least get some rest and some good drugs while you're in there. Your in my thoughts and prayers.

Keri said...

Don't worry about Gracie. She will cover you with kisses as soon as you walk back in the door.

Get better soon!