Monday, October 20, 2008

Xray to the CT

The xray was "inconclusive". So now I am sipping on contrast for a Ct scan. Yum. I haven't been able to poop in who knows how long, but give me this nasty contrast and watch out. Figures.

If anyone is trying to contact me, my phone is acting up. Just when you need it, it goes crap. If you've tried calling and it goes right to voicemail that is why. Feel free to email. I have my complementary laptop set up next to my bed. Gotta love Lacks. Better then most hotels.

I should hear the results from the CT in morning during Dr Kim's 4:30am check-in.

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Anonymous said...

Thinking about you Steph! Hope all turns out on the bright side. Hanging in there! And just remember that cute little puppy face that will greet you when you get home!
Love, Jess