Friday, October 24, 2008

Home at last

A few people have commented that they are having issues with my blog, blogger is having some technically difficulties, but they are aware of them and are working on fixing them.

Well, I'm home.  Thank God.  I'm just trying to adjust to my new working plumbing system.  I am trying to remember that my body is only now learning to do it's job and not to have unreal expectations for it.  But it is frustrating.  Very frustrating.

Tomorrow is the MSU vs U of M game.  Honestly, I am a bit nervous.  My bowels are unpredictable, at best.  Could be interesting.  And embarrassing.  

I'm off to go spend more time with Gracie.  I have a lot of pictures to take.  


Mandy said...

Glad your home! Good luck at the game! I hope you can enjoy yourself and avoid and embarassing incident. You deseve a "good" day!
Can't wait to see more pics of Gracie!

Anonymous said...

Looks like blogger got the blog working! I hate to sound stupid but who are you rooting for MSU or
U of M??? Can't wait for pics of Gracie - was she happy to see you?
Love aunt paula

Steph said...

I root for MSU (my alma mater) and Andy roots for U of M (his alma mater). ;)

paula said...

Then I will root for MSU!

Anonymous said...

Sooo glad to hear that you are home! How was the game?? How is Gracie? Arent puppies just the best! I will have to send you some pictures of Nellie, she is so cute! Rest and relax and let Gracie take care of you!

Love you and Miss you!