Friday, October 3, 2008


Things have been getting better.  I ate yesterday and no vomiting.  Still having pooping issues though.  I was all prepared for the massive diarrhea post take-down.  I was ready to be a slave to the bathroom.  But nope, not me.  I barely poop.  It's like my body doesn't know how.  I'm off to pick up more grape juice and some pear juice (as recommended, I'll report back if it helps) If my new plumbing doesn't figure out how to eliminate my waste here in the next day or two, we will back to where we were last Wed.  I honestly believe it is due to a stricture.   Which means this won't get better until I go in for a dilation with the doc.  Great.  


Amanda said...

Ugh, Steph, I'm so sorry to hear about your struggles. Hopefully it gets better soon. It must be so frustrtating to have prepared yourself for one challenge only to be faced with a completely different one.

We're continuing to think about you!

Amanda & Keith

Anonymous said...

hang in there, Steph. This whole business is for the birds. I hope you're not in too much pain!!! xx Brenda

ernie said... husband went through the same procedure as you and I was telling him what you're going through and he may have some helpful input. He told me to give you his email address which is or here at home use if you want to talk to him.
His name is Bill....he relates to what you're going through. I hope things get better for you sooner then later.
Sincerely, Ernie from the yahoo gardners syndrome group

Christina said...

Gosh, the things I take for granted! I hope things get better soon. You're drinking lots of water right?

Keri said...

Steph, I just caught up on your posts. You've been through a lot this past week. I hope things are better at this point. Thinking of you!