Thursday, October 16, 2008

To Go or Not to Go.

Holy smokes!  This little nugget sure is keeping me busy!  In a good way.  After losing Koda, I thought I would never be able to love like this again.  
Still having "going issues".  It's quite a conundrum.  Either I can be miserable and all backed up with horrible gut pain and bloated or I can take a laxative and have horrendous cramps and can get farther than 5 ft from the loo.   I did talk to my surgeon's nurse the other day.  If we can't find a happy medium by the end of this week, she is going to talk to the surgeon and hopefully convince him to see me.   I would love to know why I am having these issues.  I can't live the rest of my life like this.    


Paula said...

Steph, Sounds like Gracie is bringing you some happy moments! Hope the surgeon see's you soon - you shouldn't have to be living this way, be persistent!!
Love Aunt Paula

Mandy said...

Love that picture!!!

Like your Aunt Paula said, be persistant!!! You know your body better than they do so stand up for yourself.

Hope they figure this "going" thing out VERY soon!

Becca said...

that is absolutely ADORABLE (i love boxer puppies...aaghghghghhhh)

as for other issues, definitely keep on your doctors. even if it mildly feels like you're nagging them. so what. they need to know EVERYthing. BUt in the same respect, do understand that your system is going through major shock. some people adjust very quickly (no fair, right?) And others take a bit longer.
and i mean...even upwards of months for you to get into any sorta normalcy. I remember thinking after like two months or so "why is this so difficult, is this how my life is gonna be forever n ever? this sucks" but honestly, it wasn't til bout a year (even more) out that i could look back and go " was worlds different for me even just a few months ago."
Sometimes it just does take longer.
not to say that you should settle for your life being like that. no way. but you know what i mean. sometimes we think we should be swell n dandy when rightfully, given what we've gone through, we won't be.
hang in there girlie.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am a Stolen Colon lurker. My husband (42) had j pouch surgery (one step) due to FAP on 08/21/08. He is having some of the same issues as you. He doesnt get too bound up but he is either constipated or goes way loose. When constipated he takes Dulcolax. We havent talked to his surgeon yet about it, we assume it is normal until the new plumbing gets to know what it is suppossed to do properly. He is suffering from a lot of "bootie" pain though. He is still pretty weak, in that if if he goes for a walk or takes a shower and shaves at the same time he is pooped! Pardon the pun! hang in there! ~ Carrie, proud wife of a j-poucher, California

Anonymous said...

Oh and my email if you would like to talk is
~ Carrie