Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yodeling in the Porcelain Canyon

Within minutes of pressing enter on last nights update, things got worse, fast.  I began vomiting. After an abdominal surgery, vomiting is a very bad omen.  Between upchucks, I put a call into my surgeon's on-call number.  When he called me back, he felt that it was a good sign that the Milk of Mag had opened the poop gates.  He gave me the option of riding out this storm at home or being admitted to the hospital.  He said about 50% of blockage cases work themselves out.   If we were to go to the hospital they would give me an iv and the dreaded NG tube and then it would be a wait and see.  So, we chose to play wait and see at home.  After stopping all food and drink the vomiting stopped.  
It was a long night in the Stolen Colon household.  Fast forward to this morning.  I am a bit nervous to put anything into my stomach.  Needless to say I'm back on a all liquid diet this morning. 
 I'll update if anything exciting happens.  


--Lindsay-- said...


My fingers are crossed for you!


Mike & Darlene Pitcher said...

I love your humor. You help me so much. I am the fellow FAP'ER Darlene. I can relate so much to what you are going through. You are awesome. Stay positive

Mandy said...

Hope you are feeling a little better now! I've thrown up after abdominal surgery before but nothing that invasive, it hurt like you know what so can't IMAGINE how awful it was for you!!!
Keep you spirits up!!

Maribeth said...

Hoep you are feeling better this evening. Let me know if you need anything tomorrow.