Monday, October 20, 2008

No news is boring news

Still chillin at the hospital. They took some xrays a few hours ago, but haven't heard anything yet. They also did a digital exam (yup just what you are thinking) and couldn't detect anything wrong there. So there goes my lower stricture theory out the window. I guess I won't be doing that "in-your-face-told-you-so dance" after all. By the talk from the nurses around here it sounds like I'll be here overnight at least. I did get some morphine, which helped with my pain. I didn't fully realize how much pain I was in till it was gone.

The attending called my colorectal surgeon and asked about giving me laxatives. He yelled and said you don't give laxatives to someone without a colon, they won't help. Um, doc, you need to tell your office nursing staff that. Cause that would have been nice to know 3 weeks ago!


Anonymous said...

Hi Steph - In an odd way I'm glad you are in the hospital. It makes me feel better to know you have some docs and nurses close by and receiving meds for the pain. Hope they figure out what the hell is goin on in there. No stricture is good news right???
Love Aunt Paula

Erin N. said...

What? No laxatives and no one bothered to tell you? that's some BS right there! Take care of yourself and enjoy ;) being pain free.

Amanda said...

Oh Steph, I'm so bummed you're suffering so much :( I can't believe they can't figure out what's causing all of this pain for you. I'll keep my fingers crossed the Dr's figure it out!

Love, Amanda

P.S. Thanks for bringing Gracie over yesterday, we loved seeing the 3 of you!

Anonymous said...

the truth its ownself--a pain in the ass can become dangerous when nurses are giving the patient laxatives and there is no colon. you must have an active advocate for your illness or become your own! never stop asking questions! hospital personnel notably commit countless errors. gracie is a sweetheart. good wishes and good luck---still "anonymous" @Higgins Lake.

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph-

I just wanted to let you know that we are thinking about you!!! I pray that you got an e-mail or phone call from a BCBS representative to answer your questions that you had about receiving treatment outside of Michigan....Let me know if all of your questions were answered or if you haven't received a response.

Enjoy your mini Thanksgiving meals and give your family our love!!!

We miss and love you!!!
Unlce Jeff, Aunt Kelly, Lindsay and Taryn