Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I just wrote out this long post.  But it was just too gloomy.  I'll save it for another day.  Here are some picture of little Gracie Mae.  So far most of my pictures consist of her sleeping.  It is the only time she is still enough, otherwise she is a blur in the picture.  

On a whole I am well.  Adjusting nicely to this new way of pooping.  It can be full of surprises.  But so far nothing I can't handle and a hell of a lot better then being  backed up with that stupid stricture. 

Talked to my Gastroenterologist last night (yeah the actual doc called me.  Not one of his nurses, man did I feel special for a moment).  Long story short, the duodenum polyps need to come out, like now.  Given that my common bile duct is progressively getting larger, the polyps are growing more rapidly then we had hoped (just my luck).  My GI consulted with the other docs in his practice and they all came to the same opinion.  Due to the size and pla
cement of the main polyp they don't feel there is a doc in the state of Michigan who is qualified
enough to attempt to remove them.  So as of right now we are looking into Mayo, Cleveland Clinic or Indiana U.  At least those are the places my GI recommends.   The doctors feel I need to have these little suckers removed within the next two months.  Hey, at least that means maybe we can get all this under this years deductible.  

Alright, I'm off to bake some pumpkin cookies.  I like this having an appetite again.  My body is desperately trying to regain the 25 lbs I've lost over the past 3 months!  


Amanda said...

Oh Steph...I'm so sorry you're going to be faced with yet another surgery again so soon!

Glad to hear the appetite is coming back. Pumpkin cookies sound yummy! :)

Paula said...

Hey Steph - I know you are sick of hearing it - but hang in there. You've come this far you can make it just a little bit more - you can dooooo it! I hope Gracie Mae brings you some comfort. She is cute and man she got big fast.
Love ya, Aunt Paula

~marie~ said...

Awww...come down to IU...I live 20 minutes from downtown Indy and work right on Monument Circle...that way you won't be alone down here--you'll have a fellow GR nestie :-)

Maribeth said...

So sorry Steph that you have to face one more issue. That sucks!

Hope you get the best care possible at whatever hospital you have to go to.

Keep eating and bulk up.

kjh36 from the Nest said...

I work for Mayo in MN, so you wouldn't be alone here, either! I hope you find the best doctor for you and all of this stuff will be in the past soon. Gracie IS getting big! And I'll even sneak her in to visit you if you come to Mayo! ; )

~marie~ said...

kjh: you might have me beat on sneaking the dog in to see Steph, but, well, I can't beat that one haha. I do have a 5 month old yellow lab puppy who can play with her...

Aunt Deb and Family said...

OMGosh!!! I want to eat her up. That close up picture is too cute. You are continually in my prayers, Scott too. EAT,EAT,EAT, Steph. I hope you are feeling better and can get stronger before the next surgery:{